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Everything You Wanted To Know About Fragrances

Everything You Wanted To Know About Fragrances

We all love fragrances.

Particularly nice when from well-groomed women and men in addition to the smell of cleanliness is added a slight fragrance of ideally suited spirits.

Formula of Perfumes (Fragrances) and basic flavors

Seven basic flavors are listed:

  1. citrus;
  2. floral;
  3. forest;
  4. ferny;
  5. chypron;
  6. amber;
  7. leather.

All of them are divided into three types: fresh, sweet and tart eastern or cold and warm.

In fact, out of all the variety it is very difficult to find exactly its fragrance, and also to correct the type of products. Still, manufacturers of perfumery offer consumers all sorts of lotions, perfumes, deodorants, toilet and perfumed water. And if you take into account aromatic oils, gels and creams, then the choice is truly huge.
Essence is a liquid with an oily structure, which in its natural form is unsuitable for use, so water and alcohol are added to it to achieve the desired concentration.
Just from the concentration, more precisely from the amount of each of the components, the perfume is divided into several types:

  • perfumes with a concentration of 20-30%;
  • perfume water – 15-25%;
  • toilet water – 10-20%;
  • cologne or a very light fragrance for women.

Choose perfume correctly

If you decide to get your own good scent, use the help of scented paper or foam rubber. It is best to apply a sample to a hand or purchase a probe.

It is noteworthy that the fragrances are tested in a free state – on the arm or in the air, and before buying the main vial, you need to sniff your hand at least an hour and make sure that this is what suits you.

The fragrance does not open as soon as you open the bottle. First you will basically smell the alcohol base, and only after a while will show heart notes, which determines the nature of the perfume. In addition, the fragrance on the skin can behave differently, which means that even the most pleasant smell may not suit you at all.

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