Keeping Your Skin Young

Face Care After 25 Years: Keeping Your Skin Young

Young girls are confident that up to 30 years, no additional skin care is needed. But this opinion is erroneous – it is after 25 years that the skin does not retain moisture as well as before, and this is the first step towards aging. By the age of 25 some of the girls are already beginning to appear the first mimic wrinkles.
Keeping Your Skin Young
How to properly look after the skin after 25 years, few girls know. Of course, it is necessary to observe the basic rules of care, which were mentioned earlier. Choose caregivers will not be difficult – usually manufacturers indicate on the packaging for what age this product is suitable. To the main list of creams, tonics and lotions is added a cream or gel for the skin around the eyes. It is important at this age to begin separately to care for this zone in order to prevent the appearance of facial wrinkles or make the existing ones less noticeable.

After 25 years worth buying sunscreen, if any have not been used before. The skin at this age becomes more vulnerable to sunlight and prone to overdrying.

You can not find a woman who has never faced skin problems in her life. In adolescence, girls are overwhelmed by acne and acne, which often persecutes the fairer sex to a more “adult” age. After 30 years, the first wrinkles appear. All this brings a lot of inconveniences, especially psychological, because a woman at any age wants to look perfect.

Skin face is regularly exposed to the environment, so it must be protected from harmful factors – ultraviolet rays, exhaust gases, dust. Skin is the protective covering of the human body. It would seem, how can you protect what is meant to protect?

Proper facial care will ensure a long youth and help prevent the appearance of facial wrinkles.

Face care consists of 5 main stages:

  1. Cleansing
  2. Toning
  3. Protection
  4. Nutrition and recovery
  5. Additional care (if necessary)

Cleansing the face is necessary daily, in the morning and at bedtime, regardless of skin type. Makeup is better to wash off immediately after coming home and do it with the use of special tools. Only after the traces of cosmetics on the face does not remain, you need to wash with mousse, gel or foam for washing, suitable for the type of skin. Washing with soap is harmful to all skin types. Even baby soap will harm the skin, especially the sensitive area around the eyes.
Keeping Your Skin Young
Before using the cleanser, it is necessary to moisten the skin with clean water. After applying a little mousse, gel or foam, gently massage the skin. Do not rub the skin of your face or try to stretch it. Then you need to rinse your face with warm water and pat dry slightly with a towel.

For oily skin, you need to use scrubs, but not more often 2-3 times a week. The use of scrubs helps to clean the pores, narrow them and dry the skin. Scrubbing gives an effect even after the first application – the skin ceases to shine greasy, it becomes more smooth and matte.

Toning, like the previous stage, should be done daily twice a day after washing. Tonic will help remove the remaining particles of cleansing agent and water, gently cleanses the skin, restores acid-base balance, helps smooth out small facial wrinkles and improve the tone of the facial skin. Regular application of the tonic will help to get rid of acne, black spots, greasiness of the skin and redness. To tonify the skin, tonics and lotions are used that are suitable for skin type.

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How to apply the tonic knows not every woman. To begin with, a small amount of tonic is needed to be applied to the cotton pad and gently wipe the skin of the face – clean the pores. Then, a small amount of tonic pour in the palm of your hand and rinse your face – to bring the skin into tone.

Skin protection is the most important stage in facial care. You can neglect the use of night cream, but go outside without a day cream – to expose your skin to dust, dirt and wind. The main rule of choosing a day cream – the lower the temperature on the street, the fatter it should be. In summer it is better to use a moisturizing gel – it is lighter in structure and does not leave a greasy shine.

In addition to the fact that the day cream protects the face from dust and dirt, it also protects the skin from the deep penetration of decorative products into the pores, facilitating the process of removing cosmetics at the end of the day. On top of the day cream, the tonal remedy is better, and it is not necessary to use a makeup base.

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Nutrition and skin restoration means the use of night cream. Night cream, like other skin care products, is chosen according to the type of skin. To apply a night cream it is necessary for half an hour before a dream. If the night cream is over, you can apply and day time, there is nothing to worry about. But night cream can not be replaced by day cream, since its main task is to nourish the skin, and not protect it. In addition to nourishing the skin from the outside, one should not forget about nutrition from the inside – improper diet and bad habits negatively affect the skin condition.

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