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Face Care After 30 Years At Home

After 30 years, the irreversible aging process begins. There are wrinkles, the skin becomes dry, the face loses its elasticity. But a complex of regular daily skin care after 30 years will allow to remain attractive at a more mature age.Face Care After 30 Years At Home

Morning daily care

At 30 years in the female body, the synthesis of hyaluronic acid is reduced and the lipid barrier is broken. The skin deteriorates, the face becomes dry, wrinkles appear. During this period, for skin care after 30 years at home, you need to use moisturizing and toning means daily. Any morning should begin with cleansing the skin and preparing for applying makeup.

Washing with melt or boiled water. Never wash with tap water, as it contains bleach, which dries the skin. Use pure melt water or mineral water without gases. In extreme cases, pre-cleaned with boiled water filter. If you are the owner of dry skin, then according to the recommendations of specialists, to wash better cleansing lotion or milk.

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Toning the skin of the face. Replenish the lack of moisture will help tonic, matched for your skin type. If the person shines, then wipe it with a weak solution of green tea with lemon juice. Also give the skin tone and narrow the pores will help the ice cube. Frost the healing herbal decoction or berry natural juice and face a face every day before applying the cream.

Application of a cream. A moisturizer should not only correspond to age, but also to the type of skin. In spring and summer, before leaving the house, instead of the usual cream, apply a product with UV filters that protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation.

During the day, for additional moisturizing, sprinkle face with thermal water or with mineral water without gas.

Evening care of the skin

In the evening, you need to give your beauty a little more time than in the morning.
beauty care 30
Removing makeup. Clear the face of make-up is necessary. A usual foam or gel will do. To care for combination skin after 30 years, it is better to use micellar water. In its composition there is no alcohol, so it does not dry the skin.

Deep cleansing with a scrub. It removes not only dead skin particles, but also stimulates blood circulation. As a result, the face will be smooth and radiant. For oily skin, peeling is done every 3-4 days, for dry skin – once every 2 weeks. The maximum effect can be achieved if the person is previously steamed.
Application of a night cream. Do not use creams 2 in 1.

Better buy separately day and night. It can be replaced with oil designed for skin after 30 years. If the face has inflammation or pimples, use a remedy with salicylic acid.
beauty care 30
In addition to daily face care, remember that her condition is also influenced by nutrition, bad habits and a passive lifestyle. Not only the skin of the face after 30 years, but the whole body requires special treatment and care. Therefore, it’s time to give up harmful and fatty foods, from alcohol and smoking. Daily exercise will improve the mood and tone of the body.

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