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Face Care According To Your Skin Type

Washing your face

Normal skin should be washed once a day-morning or better in the evening, with soft or softened water. Instead of morning washing, this skin can be wiped with toilet milk or lotion and then rinsed with room temperature water to refresh and tonify the tissues. Used soap should be neutral and creamy. It is preferable to wash your face with soap and water.

Pouring should be done with a lot of water, but not longer than 5-6 minutes. The water should be at room temperature (18-20 ° C). Washing the face should include washing the neck, open chest and part of the ears. The skin after washing should be well dried, (not stretched and not rubbed) with a soft terry towel. Mild wetting of the face is done.

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Dry skin is washed with a tampon filled with cold water or rubbed with milk (for example, from sweet almonds). If there is no toilet milk, as an exception, you can wash your face with a thick soap (lanolin) or a better soapy cream. Very often, with dry skin, it becomes necessary to give up soap, in this case, use a lotion with 15-20% alcohol or mayonnaise, cooked at home.

Before a hot hygienic bath, brush your face with a greasy cream and then wash it with soap. It is especially important for dry skin after washing to dry it well. It is not recommended the use of astringents, narrowing the pores of the skin.

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Dry skin (dehydrated)

Dehydrated skin should be washed with cold water. Always use soft or softened water. Cleaning dehydrated skin can be carried out with milk of milk or some lotion (best of all, cucumber or rose water). The rest of the rules for washing are the same as for dry skin. Of hydrated types of milk, hydrates are recommended.
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Oily skin

Such skin also requires special care. Washing of oily skin is carried out with warm water (35 ° С), soft or softened, and neutral, and preferably with acidic or gray soap (especially if there is seborrhea), but soap containing a borax can also be used successfully. Oily skin needs to be washed every day, and sometimes in the morning and in the evening. When washing, the skin can be rubbed with a terry mitten or sponge, but then it is good to dry it with a soft towel.

When washing oily skin, it is recommended to use “salt procedures.” Wipe the face with circular motions with foamy soap foam, sprinkled with salt, wipe the fat skin with alcohol solutions (with no more than 25-30% alcohol content), dilute lemon juice, mineral alkaline water or other specially prepared toilet waters.

Mixed skin type

Very often, women have a mixed type of skin: some areas – the skin of the forehead, nose, beards, fat, and others – skin cheeks, temples, neck, etc., dry. If most of the skin is oily, dry areas, lubricate with a fat cream and treat such skin as greasy – washing and cleansing as with oily skin.

If the fatty areas are small, then only with respect to them, use the rules of hygiene used for oily skin, and wash the rest of the face according to the type of skin (normal, dry, etc.).
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Protection of the face during the day

In normal skin, the sun, wind, rain, snow should be avoided. Before going outside, it is necessary to apply a day cream or cream powder on your face. During the tour in the mountains or other places for the same purpose, protective creams are used. With a tendency to the formation of age spots and freckles, it is desirable to apply a layer of protective cream.

Such precautionary measures are still needed in early spring and winter, if access to the mountains is envisaged. Protection of the face from the sun is carried out with the help of hats, handkerchiefs, umbrellas, etc.

Dry skin

It is damaged very easily under the influence of external factors and requires special attention from an early age. Never leave without applying a protective dense day cream. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, rain, wind and all sorts of hot procedures.

When leaving the mountains or on the field, the face should always be lubricated with a dense protective cream. It is necessary to avoid non-conforming face skin makeup lipstick.

Dehydrated skin

This skin is also very sensitive to external influences, so it is necessary to lubricate the day with a day cream – hydrate.

Oily skin

External atmospheric conditions affect to a lesser extent such skin, but in spite of this, when going out into the street during a bad time, it needs protection. Used cream powder and avoid fatty creams. In order for the dust not to be absorbed into the skin, it should be cleaned of fat several times a day with alcohol lotion and other toilet preparations for oily skin.

Avoid using cologne and lotions, containing and essences in order to avoid its pigmentation!

Facial skin nutrition

After 30 years of age, there is a tendency for the skin to dry out, which requires its additional nutrition, which allows to avoid unpleasant consequences

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