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Facelift Exercises At Home

Set of exercises for lifting the face oval (face lifting).

We present a few exercises for facelift and correction of the face, which can be performed at home. After 1 month of daily muscle training, you can see a significant effect. Facelift at home, no surgery.
Note! To be ready to do complex gymnastics of the face, you should wash your hands thoroughly and apply a light nourishing cream or vegetable oil to your skin.

1. Facelift: Pronounce the vowel letters.

Maximize the muscles of articulation. With an expression to pronounce the vowels. This exercise should be repeated no less than 30 times.

2. Facelift: Advance the lower jaw.

Tilt the head back, pulling the skin from the chin and the collarbone. Lower jaw to extend. To fix this position for 10 seconds. Then slowly relax.

3. Facelift: To rejuvenate and strengthen the lips.

To raise the lowered corners of the lips, you need to fix your nasolabial area with your fingers and, smiling, lift up the corners of your lips.

4. Facelift: Strengthen and smooth the cheeks.

Put (from top to bottom) index fingers in the crease between the nose and cheeks, slightly stretch the lips. Middle fingers to hold the corners of the lips, make sure that the corners were raised. Tightly compress and relax the lips.

5. Facelift: We inflate our lips.

Tightly press the corners of the lips and cheeks with the palms of your hands. Pull forward the lips with their entire surface, without folding the bow. With palms to resist.

6. Facelift: For the eyes.

Close eyes. Roll the pupils up and bring them back. Doing the exercise make an effort to open your eyes. In the upper eyelid you need to feel the muscle tension.

7. Facelift: Open your mouth and blink.

Maximize your mouth. Give your head a little forward, while blinking often 8-10 seconds. Exercise repeat 25-30 times.

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