How To Fall In Love With Your Own Husband

How To Fall In Love With Your Own Husband

How To Fall In Love With Your Own HusbandFor a married couple, and especially for a woman from time to time requires a new surge of emotions, new feelings. And what to do, when next to you for many years is the same person? And one day the woman realizes that she does not love him. What to do?

Husband. With this person you already live, it seems, for an eternity. You perfectly know all its advantages and disadvantages. And one fine morning a woman realizes that there is already no fervent feelings, the passion and emotions that the spouse generates.

Love is no more? What’s next? Divorce? Still it is possible to correct and return the time when two people so tenderly and tenderly held each other’s hands and dreamed of eternal love.

To fall in love with your own husband is the first step on the road to the resumption of family life.

If suddenly you started to think about how to rekindle the fire of love, this article is for you. There are ways to update and “restart” your feelings, fall in love with your own husband and get mutual love in return!

1. Be mysterious and seductive

Of course, for many years of married life you know almost everything about your partner. This is correct and very convenient, but not romantic. Try to change something in yourself – in appearance, in behavior, surprise your husband, but do not make too drastic, dramatic changes.

2. Be affectionate

How do you call your husband? Just by name? Remember how you called it when you first met. And when did they start living together? Return good, affectionate names and words filled with tenderness.

3. Create a music disc

Remember the best musical hits that accompanied your family life. What song sounded when you first danced together? Which song symbolizes your relationship? What song would you sing to him?
By making this list you will wake up your memories and make pleasant to your spouse. Surprise him with a list of songs, sending him to an email or arrange an evening of memories, listening to your favorite music tunes. He will be touched by this thoughtful gesture.

4. Change to fall in love

This may seem paradoxical, but one of the best ways to enhance the passion in your relationship is to find new ways of developing yourself. You can not feel love for someone else if you feel lousy in your own life. Make a list of personal goals. Start practicing sports, yoga, dancing. Have a dinner with an old friend. Caring for yourself will fill you, make you more receptive to love in your life.
How To Fall In Love With Your Own Husband

5. Bring novelty

Dozens of studies have found that one of the best ways to update a relationship is to inject novelty into a routine routine. Highlight a free weekend this month, cancel the typical Saturday work and plan something that you like to do together. Maybe it will be an ordinary walk or a trip out of town, into nature. Become tourists in your own city, visit a museum or an exhibition, go out together in a cafe. Relaxing together and changing the familiar surroundings will help you refresh your senses!

6. Forget about sex on a schedule

“We all know that waiting for a night to have sex often means that you fall asleep, before sex begins,” says  an expert on relationships and sex. Try an alternative – sex at lunch or after a morning shower will shake you up and cheer up. If the evening is really the only time available, make it a priority – leave everything, go to bed earlier, give up flannel pajamas and try to create an impressive event.

7. Practice of adoption

Yes, he does not bring home flowers every day. He does not write love letters. But he is the only one who sings songs to your children so funny. And it is he who rubs your back after a long day. And only he can calm you down and cheer up after a difficult day. Accept it as it is. Look at it carefully and find the sweetest and most good in it. Emphasize your attention and feelings on these qualities.
How To Fall In Love With Your Own Husband

8. Hug your husband.

Did you hug your husband today? For a long time married couples often physical contact is limited to a light kiss on the cheek in the morning, in the evening and nearness at night. Try to just cuddle every day, for thirty seconds. Scientists have been shown that embraces increase the level of oxytocin, a hormone of happiness, which enhances the sense of connection, especially in women.

9. Less criticism

The habit of criticizing is dangerous for any relationship. Limit yourself to one critic a day, but rather arrange a week without criticism. Replace criticism with praise and you will see each other in a more positive light and, probably, again remember why you fell in love with this person.

10. Stop giving uninvited advice

Perhaps you know the correct and more effective way to do something, but give it the opportunity to learn by trial and error. It is better to take a closer look, but suddenly he will get better than you.

11. Spend more time together

Researchers at the University of Virginia found that couples who spend uninterrupted time together have stronger sexual satisfaction than couples who rarely come together.

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4 thoughts on “How To Fall In Love With Your Own Husband

  1. I love #3, just tonight we singing along to Perfect by Ed Sheeran. It is one of my favorite songs, and it is so romantic too.

    #10 – stop giving uninvited suggestions. I think most wives struggle with this, because by nature, we like to fix things. The food we eat, what the kids will wear, how the house is decorated etc. But it’s hard to remember that our husbands don’t always want to “be fixed”. And we need to respect that.
    Great list and some really good suggestions.

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