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Family Values. Problems Of The Modern Family Relations

The urgency of the problem of family relations.

Most of us think marriage is just an unnecessary formality. Maybe so it is. But the fact is that the family is already considered a formality. Neither for love, nor for sex, nor for the birth of children, the family is not needed. If earlier for a person the interests of the family were above their own interests, now the world is slowly going insane.

Family Values. Problems Of The Modern Family Relations

Materialism, careerism, cynicism, selfishness replaced the responsibility, conscience, freedom, faith, love, disinterestedness, patriotism, mutual assistance. Unfortunately, people are now striving for material things. To what it all can lead, how will this affect our future generation?

The family is a small cell of society, a small state with its inhabitants, united by a similar way of life, a single goal, moral values, love, mutual respect.

What problems does the modern family face?

One such problem is that children are deprived of the attention of one of their parents. This is due to the fact that young people who were married did not realize all the responsibility that will fall on them. They were not ready to sacrifice their interests for the sake of the family.

I always sympathized with children who grew up in an incomplete family, most often without a father. But the lack of fatherly attention, concern, advice, words of approval can not but affect the child. Even after growing up, many of them still continue to feel defective, insecure and suffer from psychological disorders. Girls who grew up without a father in the future will face the problem of choosing a husband. After all, many of them, against the backdrop of unsuccessful relations of their parents, lost their confidence in men, were disappointed in them, as in a reliable support for their wife and children. And the boys, who were brought up by one mother, grow into effeminate men, with female habits, who will seek for themselves a strong woman – a copy of their mother.
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Today, for men, the family is a heavy burden of responsibility,

material waste, a lot of restrictions on personal life and entertainment. It’s a shame for our society. Life is not a constant pleasure and a search for the satisfaction of one’s lust. These joys are momentary and, like drugs, will never make you happy.

Women in our time have become too active, as a result of the loss of confidence in men, and took the dominant position in society. Now they spend more time on self-development and career development, and less on the upbringing of children and care for the house and family. Such women are doomed to loneliness, they are too strong, because they learned how to deal with everything independently without men.

I do not support the current trend in our society. All women need to develop spiritually. In the first place in the family is the mother, but the head of the family is the father, the husband. A wife should obey, support him and follow him.

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Importance of family values

Creating a family is a great feat. To give birth, to give new life is not so difficult. But to put into the child the concepts of love, freedom, faith, conscience, responsibility – the task is not simple and impossible outside of love and outside the family.

In the family such universal values ​​as a sense of patriotism, love and respect for the near, generosity, responsibility for one’s actions are laid.
How To Fall In Love With Your Own HusbandI heard from many people the phrase that happiness in marriage is a matter of chance and luck. But I do not agree with them at all. I am of the opinion that happiness in marriage is our choice. Everyone has the opportunity to choose, control their thoughts, actions. Joy and happiness can be attracted to any marriage by working together on oneself, over relationships.

Main family values

The list of basic family values, no doubt, for each family will be unique and will contain an infinite number of items and sub-paragraphs.

Each of us should have a clear idea of ​​those family values ​​that contribute to strengthening the foundation for building a strong and united family. Knowledge of moral and moral principles plays an important role in building confidence and increasing confidence in every member of the family.
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Feeling of significance and necessity. It is important that every member of the family knows that they love, appreciate and need it. Even as a close-knit family, devoting their free moments to their loved ones, each member of the family should be given space and freedom for their activities. The family is the place where you can get together without special occasions, holidays and spending time together, this is a safe place to return to when something does not work out, you will be listened to, supported, and advised how to get out of the impasse.

Flexibility in solving family problems is the way to happiness and a sense of comfort. Each family has its own order, regime of the day, structure, rules. But too much order and rules can lead to the deterioration of relations and the appearance of offenses.

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It is important to instill in family members a sense of respect for each other. The only way to preserve respect in the family is to show how to respect yourself on a personal example. Between respect and a sense of fear there is a very fine line. To respect another means to accept his feelings, thoughts, needs, preferences. Respect, like the value of a family, extends from home to school, to work and other public places where a person encounters people.

Honesty forms a deep connection between family members. Encourage honesty, practicing understanding, respect for any actions that your loved ones are committing. If you are angry at what happened, most likely, next time you will hide information in order to avoid disrespect for your personality.

It is necessary to learn to forgive people who have offended you. Everybody makes mistakes. Life is too short to waste on grievances. From the abuser you should get answers to all questions that worry you and make a choice – to accept, forgive, release and go on.

Learn to be generous in attention, love, time, communication, even on some of your material possessions. Generosity is giving without thinking about what you will receive in return.

Communication is a separate art.

The transmission of information, feelings is an important element in the development of family relations. When people feel that they can easily and openly express their dreams, hopes, fears, successes, failures, this only contributes to the strengthening of marriage ties. Lack of communication leads to the fact that small issues grow into larger ones, which end with quarrels, avoidance, divorce.

A responsibility. We all want to seem responsible to others. Some of us are more responsible, others are less responsible. A sense of responsibility does not require a lot of pushing to do the work on time and correctly.

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Tradition is what makes a family unique, they unite all family members.

Be an example to follow. Adults set an example for their children. They give them their skills to solve problems, work together, communicate, etc.

Assess your contribution to the development and strengthening of your family ties. Although family relationships are based on strong blood ties, nevertheless, in a large family, feelings of intimacy are weakening over time, so it is necessary to make extra efforts and give time to maintain strong family ties. From time to time, you should remind yourself of the importance of the family in your life.4 Important Things You Should Teach Your Child
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Problems arising in the family

The biggest problem that affects family relationships is that they (relationships) act as a matter of course. You accept every member of the family as a person who owes you something. That indicates the lack of real respect and gratitude for everything that you are given, and in return do not require anything. The fact that parents do so much for their children is taken for granted. This is a big mistake. Show your gratitude every time with words, gestures or actions. This will help preserve the love and connection between you.

The second big problem in family relationships is the lack of time for each other. Your work, social life or personal life takes up almost all of your time, so you do not have time for a family? Children whose parents, by virtue of their employment, give them little time, attention, grow with bitter feelings of resentment in their hearts, feel guilty for their existence. Even the spouses are faced with the problem of lack of time for each other. This leads to serious emotional problems, deceptions, treason and divorce.
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Learn to sacrifice your personal time for the sake of your loved ones.

The phrase “I love you” is of great value. Every time you say it, express the importance of these words to you. We all want love. Talk about love with words and deeds, for example, preparing a big family dinner, organizing for your children a walk to the amusement park, paying attention to the spouse for a quiet supper with candles, etc. It is very important for parents to teach their children how to make the right decisions. Healthy and happy families are of great benefit to the whole society and the state. Among children from strong families there are fewer criminals, mentally retarded, psychologically unbalanced.

Traditional family values ​​are the basis for how children grow, develop, learn, and in the future these values ​​are passed from one generation to another.

The family is the first school of life for a new, just born little man, an environment in which he learns to use his abilities to understand the outside world and cope with his unpredictable gifts. Everything that you learned from your family becomes your value system, on the basis of which your actions are formed. A happy, joyful family life is not an accident, but a great achievement based on work and choice. I really want this article to reach out to all young people without exception. Creating a family is a responsible action that will require you a lot of time, energy, energy, money. But this is a worthy cause, this is our main business of life. I want our actions to be worthy of respect.

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