Self-improvement is a conscious and continuous work on oneself

Fascinating Self Improvement

You can improve yourself in different directionsSelf-improvement is a conscious and continuous work on oneself. This process involves the improvement of acquired skills, qualities and inclinations, which corresponds to the life goals of man. As a basis for self-improvement of personality, psychology considers the function of adaptability of higher nervous activity under the conditions in which a person lives and develops, as well as his capacity for self-esteem. Motives for aspiration for the ideal can be different. This includes love, professional and material incentives, interests, as well as ideas and beliefs.

You can improve yourself in different directions.

The main types (directions) are moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and professional self-improvement. Separately, one can single out personal self-improvement, which usually includes the education of oneself, the development of necessary personal skills, and sometimes the development of will, thinking and other mental functions.

What are the ways of self-improvement of personality?

They consist in the constant work on themselves and the development of their internal potential.
Self-knowledge is the study of a person by himself, his strengths and weaknesses, uniqueness and difference from others. This stage is also in the analysis and comprehension of the events of one’s own life, their causes and conclusions, to which these facts of biography helped to come.

Self-affirmation is the acceptance of oneself and one’s qualities that allow one to take a certain position in society. It is best when a person deservedly receives support and approval from the outside. However, there are also cases when self-assertion is not grounded and there is no development behind the exposure of the show.
Self-development is an initiative of a person to improve one’s dignity and ability and eradicate shortcomings. Characterized in the ability of a person to realize their decisions in life and strive for further development.
Self-realization is one of the stages when a person is a mature person who is able to use the acquired knowledge, abilities and skills. It manifests itself only in the case when a person has already achieved certain heights in his development and can apply the fullness of his knowledge in practice.
The search for your vocation is in fact a search for your place in the world and the meaning of life. The person finds out the essence of his existence and his destiny in this world. This is a rather complicated stage of self-actualization and self-improvement of personality, since not everyone can answer the question for what they exist, and what benefit their activities bring to society. The quest for a calling is a process that lasts a lifetime. And only in a very old age can a person finally realize who he is in this world, and what is the matter of his life, which will be remembered by his descendants.
Self-improvement plan
If you do not know how to start self-development, here you will find some useful recommendations on this matter.

Carry with you, notebook, tablet, mobile phone, voice recorder or something else that would allow you to record or sketch those ideas that come to your mind. Choose the most relevant topic for you, for example, finance and set up your brain to generate thoughts on how you can improve your financial situation. Write down everything that comes to your mind about this. Ideas will give you a clear picture of what you still need to do in order to improve the quality of your life and your intentions will become more serious and serious than ever. When you feel that this topic has already been scooped out, try working with another one.

You can achieve a lot in small steps.

In order to achieve the desired, you need to perform a certain proportion of the total workload daily. It is very good to consider this technique on the example of physical exercises. If you want to have an ideal figure, then to achieve this goal you have to do certain exercises every day, only then the result will not keep you waiting.


Personality development is difficult to imagine without mastering this skill. Break your day into blocks: morning, lunch, afternoon or evening, etc. With this simple technique, you can easily track how much time you need to perform the task.

Communicate with people who inspire you to exploits.

Separate yourself from personalities in comparison with which you feel that you have already achieved so much and you can stop at this.
Chakra Activation System
In order to feel good and always look good you need to have a good enough knowledge in 3 different directions: healthy eating, exercise or training the body, the correct psychic self-regulation.

Techniques of self-improvement.

There are a huge number of techniques that help to bring a person closer to his ideal image of the “I”, the most popular methods of self-improvement among which are the following.
Development of willpower.

Transformation of useless – into useful.
I am peace of mind.
Reconciliation of two of his personal qualities, such as rationality and dreaminess.
The Jungian Dialogue.
Balance wheel.

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