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Fast Weight Loss: A Very Dangerous Choice For You!

Fast Weight Loss. Why This Is A Very Dangerous Choice For You!

This is normal when you want to lose weight and look beautiful, but always want to do it as quickly as possible. However, you probably already many times heard that it is better to lose weight slowly, but constantly. After all, there are some negative consequences of rapid weight loss. And most studies explain this by the fact that when you reduce your weight slowly, then with a high probability, you will keep it for a long time. It is also said that slower weight loss does not lead to greater risks to your health. Natural Beauty Product - Fast Weight Loss
fast weight lossTrue, there are several studies that have shown that rapid weight loss can also be safe.
So what’s the harm of fast weight loss? … Or can it be?

Let me show you some facts and research to uncover the whole truth.
To start with, let’s try to figure out how fast weight loss can be and what is generally considered a quick weight loss …

What does rapid weight loss mean?

So, the largest UK health website, which is approved by the government, says that according to many experts weight loss of 0.45-0.9 kg per week is healthy and safe. It can be concluded that if you lose weight faster, it is already too fast growing thin. It can jeopardize your health.

And the most common ways in which people try to lose weight quickly is to exercise “up to the drop” a lot, as well as following a very low-calorie diet (less than 800 calories a day).

But the exercises are not chosen by many brave souls. After all, losing weight, not observing food, is too difficult task. Therefore, people often look toward low-calorie diets or even mono-diets. They believe that this is the easiest and quickest way to lose the superfluous.

Although, if you are a beginner and decided to lose excess, then you can lose much more than 0.9 kg for the first week. And even on proper nutrition. From practice, we can say that this amount can be 2 and 3, even more than 1 kg. Much will depend on how complete you are and what level of metabolism you have now. That is for the first week of rapid weight loss is normal. And the weight that you lose is usually called the “weight of water”.

What does “weight of water” mean?

When you consume fewer calories than your body requires, your body begins to look for energy in its stores, which are known as glycogen. When you burn this glycogen, water is released. That’s why you can quickly lose weight in the first week. But, when your body uses its glycogen stores, the process of losing weight should stabilize.The 2 Week Diet weight lose

Can you maintain weight after a quick weight loss?

Weight loss is only half the battle. The real problem is to keep it forever. Most of you, following a certain diet and losing weight very quickly, can often restore half the weight, or more, in a year. And further, you can restore the entire weight, and even much more, in the next 3-5 years.

That’s why experts suggest that you lose weight slowly, but at a steady pace. Most studies show that people who lose weight correctly and slowly, most often, keep it for a long time.

In addition, a nutrition plan that promotes slower weight loss usually helps you start eating healthier. For example, you will start eating more useful fruits and vegetables. And also such a diet, usually, does not have on its list sweetened with sugar and other harmful products.

You can be 100% sure that by starting to eat right and improving your health, and also getting used to different tasty and useful dishes, you are unlikely to return to your old life. Well, only if your head is not all right … ????

True, several studies say that rapid weight loss can be just as effective. And his participants even managed to keep weight after the diet for a long time. So in one experiment 103 people took part. They followed a very low-calorie diet for 12 weeks. And the other 97 people followed a slow, but more stable weight loss for 36 weeks.

Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy
Almost 3 years later, approximately 70% of the people in both groups regained their weight, which they dropped. This means that both diets are almost identical in effectiveness.

However, people in the fast weight reduction group were in contact with doctors doctors and nutritionists during all weight loss and weight maintenance. Doctors and nutritionists in every way tried to minimize the risk of rapid weight loss for health because of the very small amount of calories consumed.

It is also said that people who were sitting on a very low-calorie diet had an increased risk of developing cancer.

In short, you can lose weight equally quickly and also gain weight and during rapid weight loss, and slow. However, the second approach may cost you health. Therefore, to lose weight properly and keep weight, stick to the most effective diets, which are approved by nutritionists.Lean Belly Breakthrough

Harm to fast growing thin for your health

As you understand, there are quite serious negative consequences of rapid weight loss.

After all, diets that contribute to this, often contain very few calories and even more nutrients. This can put you at risk and create many health problems. And especially if you stick to fast diets for weeks.

That’s what threatens rapid weight loss …

You can lose muscle

Weight loss is not always a reduction in obesity. Therefore, if you rely on a very low-calorie diet, know that it can help you lose weight due to the weight of muscles and water.

So, in one study, 57 people were divided into 2 groups. 25 people followed a very low-calorie diet (at 500 calories per day) for 5 weeks. The other 22 people adhered to a low-calorie diet at 1,250 calories per day for 12 weeks.

During the experiment, it was found that both groups lost weight equally. Nevertheless, people who followed a very low-calorie diet lost six times more muscle than those who were on a low-calorie diet.

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Rapid weight loss slows metabolism

Also, too fast losing weight can slow down your metabolism. In general, the metabolism determines how many calories you burn each day. A slower metabolism means that you burn fewer calories a day.

Some studies prove that rapid weight loss with low calorie intake can result in you burning 23% fewer calories per day. That is, your metabolism is reduced by about 23%.

Why is this happening?

There are only two reasons why metabolism falls on a very low-calorie diet:The 3 Week Diet

This is a loss of muscle and a decrease in the level of hormones that regulate your metabolism (eg, thyroid hormone). Unfortunately, having lowered the metabolism, you can not restore it for a long time, even after the completion of all diets.

Very quickly losing weight, you will have a shortage of nutrients
If you do not eat enough calories and do not consume nutrients, you will face a problem associated with a lack of vitamins.

And often this leads to low-calorie diets. Since it is almost impossible to consume, the right amount of elements such as iron, folic acid and vitamin B12 on a low-calorie diet.

Below are some of the effects of nutritional deficiencies and calories.

  • hair loss: when you consume too little of nutrients, it can severely weaken your health and hair growth, which can lead to a strong loss of hair.
  • severe fatigue: as we said above, you can not get enough iron, vitamin B12 and folic acid on a very low-calorie diet, which can lead to anemia and severe fatigue.
  • poor immunity: this is characteristic of the fact that you may be prone to the disease because of a lack of vitamins.
  • weak and fragile bones: this is due to the fact that often on such diets there is a lack of vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus in the diet.

Fortunately, you can avoid nutritional deficiencies by consuming more whole and unprocessed foods. These foods contain fewer calories per gram, and also fill quite well, which will help you lose weight faster. Pure Natural Healing

Sharp weight loss can cause gallstones

Gallstones are solid particles that form inside the gallbladder. They can become a very painful side effect of too fast weight loss.

How it works, your gallbladder
It releases digestive juices that help to digest fatty foods more easily. And, as the site of the National Institute of Diabetes, Digestion and Kidney Disease indicates, if you do not get enough food, your gallbladder will stop releasing digestive juices.

This will lead to the formation of stones. Further, gallstones can become stuck in the gallbladder, which causes severe pain and seizures.

Simply put, stones are formed due to stagnation of bile in the gallbladder.

Other side effects of rapid weight loss

Those side effects of rapid weight loss, of which you learned above, almost always occur. But there are some more fears.Magical Towel Cleans With Only Water

Dangers of rapid weight loss:

  • a strong sense of hunger
  • fatigue
  • irritability
  • feeling cold
  • muscle spasms and cramps
  • severe dizziness
  • constipation or diarrhea
  • dehydration.
  • it can develop into further chronic diseases.

Tips to help you lose weight with safety:

Of course, I do not want to lose weight slowly. But as you have seen above, this is a sure step towards healthy weight loss and a smooth transition to lifestyle change.

And to make things easier for you, here are some tips to help you lose weight healthily.
Eat more protein: a diet high in protein will help increase your metabolism, keep you more fed longer and keep muscle mass.
Reduce the consumption of sugar: with confidence, you can talk about excluding refined sugar. Yes, and include some useful fruit that will help replace the sweet.
Eat slowly: thoroughly chewing food helps you eat less food at a time.
Drink green tea: studies indicate that green tea can increase your metabolism by as much as 4-5%, and burning fat as much as 17%.
Have enough rest: lack of sleep can increase the level of ghrelin, the hormone of hunger and reduce the level of leptin, the hormone of fullness and satiety. This means that losing weight becomes a difficult task.
Try to do some exercises and add weight: lifting weights or exercises help speed up metabolism and lose weight faster.
Take a walk in an intense style: intense training or walking, as well as short intensive physical exercises known as cardio-help burn calories and after you finish exercising. Here’s a look at my article on how walking helps to accelerate the burning of fat 5 times faster.
Eat more soluble fiber: on this account, I recommend that you pay attention to the article on how fiber helps to lose weight and why it works even when you are not doing anything else at all.
Reduce the amount of simple carbohydrates: for you it will not be a secret if I say that simple carbohydrates (peeled porridges, pasta, cakes, ice cream and other carbohydrates and sweets) make you type superfluous.

Final Thoughts

If you want to lose weight and keep it, try to do it more correctly and stably, about 0.45-0.9 kg per week.

As you saw, this is the more sure path. Also losing weight slowly and gradually, you can easily maintain weight further. And all because you yourself without noticing, will move to a healthier diet.

In addition, rapid weight loss has a number of health threats: loss of muscle, a decrease in metabolism, a deficiency of nutrients, gallstones and many other problems.

Try to include more healthy foods in your diet and become more active, it will give a greater effect in losing weight.

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