First Kiss, Simple Rules

First Kiss, Simple Rules for Kisses – Love Kisses

First Kiss: Tips to help master the science of kissing

Who will tell you how to learn to kiss for the first time? Naturally, your own feelings, intuition, imagination.
First Kiss, Simple Rules
Perhaps, close friends will prompt, but not everyone will be able to speak on this topic – it is too personal and intimate. On the Net, you can find even a video, which, as an instruction, will tell you about the features of the process, how to kiss for the first time. There are films in which very beautiful, effectively portrayed kisses. But still, first of all you need to trust yourself, your feelings. If the person next to us is very fond of, dear, the kiss will turn out itself.

In kisses, passion and tenderness are expressed, the desire to feel close, very close to a loved one. Kisses are both the first touch of a lover and the prelude to intimate relationships (at a more serious stage of the relationship). Kissing is pleasant, important, necessary even for health (at least, many articles are written on behalf of scientists). It’s not for nothing that even one day in the calendar is considered a world day of kisses.

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There are different kinds of kisses, but young people, guys and girls, are most interested in love kisses.

First Kiss, Simple tips:

    1. A kiss may be not necessarily on the lips. A loved one or a loved one can be kissed in the neck, near the ear – this is no less pleasant, exciting and very gentle.
    2. During a kiss it is not recommended to die in one pose. You can easily embrace the person you kiss, hold your hand over the hair, back of the head, back. It is important to feel that another also like this manifestation of intimacy, that there is no resistance or irritation.
    3. In the process of kissing, it is better to cover your eyes, to concentrate on your sensations. Yes, and the partner will be uncomfortable kissing under the eyes of another.
    4. Do not strongly strain your lips, they should be gentle and elastic. The mouth does not need to be opened too widely or to conduct very active actions with the tongue.
    5. Sometimes enough soft touch even closed lips to just feel a person, emphasize their presence, convey tenderness.
    6. If kisses give both pleasure, there is no feeling of discomfort, you can experiment and give yourself emotions.
    7. You can talk about what you like or do not like about kissing, you need to do it delicately, gently. If there is an awkward situation or words are not necessary, a sense of humor will always save the situation.

First Kiss: The simplest “instruction” for an inexperienced couple

When the first kiss is not worth hurry, you need to create an atmosphere of trust, tenderness. You can first kiss the face, hair, neck. After that, gently touch the lips of another person.

First Kiss: If everything is normal, there are no unpleasant sensations, it is necessary to slightly open your mouth, try to meet your tongue with the language of another. Sensations should be erotic and pleasant. Kisses can give you a lot of fun, they can devote a lot of dates before moving on to more serious feelings.
First Kiss, Simple Rules
But it is worth to be ready and to the fact that kissing for the first time with this person does not like, he immediately becomes a stranger and unpleasant. A kiss will be a small test for the harmony of two, the possibility of further relationships. If the first kisses are annoying, cause discomfort, is it worth it to continue to meet?

First Kiss: Recommendations for girls

It is not necessary to rush the first with kisses, nevertheless some moral principles do not become obsolete. It is better to let a guy to want to show his feelings, started kissing for the first time.

Extreme will also be indifferent behavior during a kiss. If he likes and gives pleasure, it is better to let the young man know about it.

First Kiss: Recommendations for guys

Do not really think about the technique of kissing, about how to learn to kiss the first time. If a young man genuinely likes, any manifestations of tenderness from him the girl will take with pleasure.

Techniques can be worked out for a few tries, feelings will be prompted as. Too literate actions, on the contrary, can be unpleasant.

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One thought on “First Kiss, Simple Rules for Kisses – Love Kisses

  1. Marco,

    Great article! I really enjoyed reading it and it brought back some wonderful memories of my first kiss. Wow, it’s been 15 years since my Stephen kissed me under a star-lit sky in the middle of an empty (and dark!!) ballfield. I’ll never forget the touch of his warm lips against mine, nor the tenderness and sweetness of that moment. Definitely, a super special memory.

    I especially liked how you encouraged not to worry about it or having to practice. A really good first kiss, I believe, will come naturally. The mind and body know exactly what to do at that special moment.

    Already looking forward to the next article!

    ~ Johanna

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