How To Have A Flat Belly And Narrow Waist

How To Have A Flat Belly And Narrow Waist

Do you exercise and improve your body? Diversify your stock of exercises with one more effective!
Exercise is a method that will help you achieve a flat stomach, a narrow waist and a visually wider chest.

Carrying out the method, you will work on the internal absent muscles of the abdomen.

When a person draws in his belly and holds this static position, he gradually “accustoms” the muscles to work without his participation, and they get used to this situation. In the future, they will be able to hold the stomach in this position “without straining”, and this will give you a more fit look.

How and when to perform?

How To Have A Flat Belly And Narrow WaistTechnique of execution:

  • Stand up straight, put your feet on the width of the shoulders, hands at the seams;
  • Take a deep breath through your nose, exhale through the mouth;
  • Maximize the retention of the abdomen to the spine and hold this position for about 15-20 seconds.
  • This will be 1 repetition.
  • Relax for about 10-15 seconds and repeat the procedure.
  • Do 2-3 (if you want, you can 4-5) approach for 2-4 repetitions. Rest between sets 2-3 minutes.

You can perform this exercise at least every day, since slow muscle fibers are involved.

Perform these actions on an empty stomach in the morning, or in the evening after 3-4 hours without eating. You can also do it in the morning and in the evening. The main thing is that the stomach should be as empty as possible.

For 2-3 weeks you can achieve fairly steep results if your stomach is low in fat. If it is available, do cardio workouts and observe a calorie deficit.

It is worth noting that this method increases the pressure on the internal organs. Therefore, it should not be abused.

How to get rid of the stomach at home

How To Have A Flat Belly And Narrow WaistA tucked up tummy is the dream of any woman, and it is quite feasible. Elastic and trained muscles of the abdominal press not only look nice, but also support the smooth functioning of internal organs. It is enough to have patience and a little time, which you need to shine care about your own appearance and health.

The problem of getting rid of excess fat on the waist and abdomen needs to be approached in a comprehensive manner.

You will need:

Sports mat, honey, dry mustard, food film, valerian root, chamomile, shower.

Make the abdomen flat by training abdominal muscles.

Lie on the floor. Legs bend at the knees. Hands knit at the back of the head. Raise head and shoulders above the floor. Blades from the floor do not tear. Drag your shoulders to your bent legs with a small swing amplitude. Hold in this position for 1 minute. Relax.

The starting position, lying on the back. Pull one leg up. Drag your shoulders to your raised leg. After a minute, relax and change the elongated leg. Lie on your back, put your hands along the body. Raise straight legs above the floor. Imagine drawn figures in the air, from one to nine. Back from the floor is not torn.

Do self-massage.

Lie on your back. Put your palm on your stomach and stroke clockwise in a circular motion.
Stretch the stomach with the side of the palms, as if to cut with a hacksaw.
Compress the palms into fists and knead the fingers and knead fatty deposits.

To conduct honey massage and wrapping.

1 teaspoon of honey to grind between the palms. Put your palms on your stomach and tear off sharply. Do such a massage throughout the problem area. The skin can form bruises. Importantly, you should not have diseases of internal organs.
Mix 2 tbsp. spoons of honey and 1 tbsp. spoon of dry mustard. Spread this mixture of waist and belly, wrap the food film. To resemble 1 hour. Do within 8 to 10 days.

Do a hydromassage on the problem zone.

Standing under the shower, direct a strong stream of water to the abdomen. Alternate hot water and cold. At the end of the procedure, rub the wet stomach with a towel.

Take herbal baths to remove excess fat from the body.

Grind 30 grams of rhizome of valerian to powder. Pour 1 liter of cold water and press for 1 hour. Then boil for 20 minutes, strain and pour into a bath. Take a bath before going to bed.

The course of procedures is 10-12 days.
Flowers of medicine chamomile pour boiling water (100 grams per 2 liters). Infuse for 2 hours, drain and pour into a bath. Lie in a warm bath 15 minutes before going to bed, for 10-12 days.

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Helpful advice

Gymnastics for the abdominal muscles can be hidden. In a free minute, pull the belly out on exhalation and hold for a few seconds. Do the exercise several times.
Stick to a diet. Move actively in the air, run, ride a bicycle.

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