Flirt With Your Beloved Husband - Exciting Ideas

Flirt With Your Beloved Husband – Exciting Ideas

Flirt With Your Beloved Husband - Exciting Ideas
Flirting with your husband also has its advantages. The wife knows about the addictions and fantasies of her husband and can use this information for effective flirting. In the end, you can just remember those times when the relationship was just beginning, and “play” anew the most pleasant and exciting moments.
In flirtation everything is important: voice, gestures, smile, appearance … Universal recommendations in this matter, of course, can not be. How to interest your husband – will tell your experience and fantasy.


When flirting with your own husband, the look is especially important, as it allows you to turn into the game the most everyday things and events. Going to work, putting the child to sleep, doing household chores – talk to your loved one with the help of looks. Looking at your husband, remember your happy moments, think about how close you are and important this person.

The main thing is a sense of proportion. It is important not to “go too far” with fervid or mysterious glances and not to frighten a husband who may be alarmed – what caused such a heightened and unaccustomed attention?
Flirt With Your Beloved Husband - Exciting Ideas


Smiling women attract all men, but … a smile should be timely. In the art of flirting, the main thing is not even how contagious and beautiful the woman is able to smile, but how appropriately she does it.

Smile, like the look, can be different: mysterious, enticing, crafty. The main rule – it must be sincere. When flirting with her husband, this rule is especially important, because close people very thinly feel false.

Sincere smile will help you tune in to a pleasant pastime, to throw out of your head everyday problems and problems.


Flirting with her husband is also complicated, because between the spouses initially “everything is allowed.” Touching by itself is no longer something forbidden and inviting. Therefore – tease! Touch easily, fleetingly, elusively, so as to show your interest and at the same time leave some riddle, “non-negotiation”.

Change and improve!

Does the husband know you like his own five fingers? Change! Change your hair, makeup, style of clothes. Try to try on a shorter dress or a transparent blouse, shoes on an amazing heel.

Learn any dances (oriental, Latin American, flamenco, etc.). Even if there is no opportunity to attend a dance school, you can try it yourself. To do this, it is enough to purchase a disc with video materials or find published videos with classes on the Internet.
Flirt With Your Beloved Husband - Exciting Ideas
Separately it is necessary to say about the strip-plastic. This kind of dancing is quite popular lately. Strip plastic – this is not a striptease, it is usually not undressed, but all the movements of the dance are aimed precisely at seduction. Having mastered this dance and using its elements when flirting with your husband, you will undoubtedly pleasantly surprise your spouse and introduce novelty into the relationship.

If dancing is “not yours”, take up gymnastics, fitness, any kind of sport. This is not only a way to improve the figure. Hormones of pleasure, which are synthesized in the body during sports, will cause a mysterious sparkle in your eyes, will give the charm a smile. Sport is health, health is joy, and the joy that you can share with your husband is the key to successful flirting.

Flirtation with your husband will give the family relations a novelty and piquancy, will allow for a while to forget about everyday problems and troubles. Sincerely we wish that your family will never leave passion and tenderness, romance and care, harmony and love!

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