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The main thing to remember when flirting online is that the rules of ordinary flirting are hyperbolized on the Internet. So, if you are an attractive woman and men sometimes come to you on the street to get acquainted, on the Internet you will simply be flooded with suggestions for acquaintance!

If in real life a woman should let a man know that he likes her, and a man – to take the first step, then on the Internet everything can be exactly the opposite: a woman can first write a letter, as if making the first step, and men often do not wait no signals to write a pretty girl. Therefore, first of all, try not to lose your head:

If you are a woman – let’s understand a man that he likes you, hints: go to his page, leave a smiley on his “wall” – nothing more.

If you are a man – hunt! But not indiscriminately, but only for those women who showed you their interest: they added you to “Favorites” or watched your profile several times.

Dating on the Internet is a lottery. If in real life the probability of failure is not too great, then on the Internet you will have to face both rudeness, and vulgarity, and with sharp refusals – be morally ready for this. If only 10-20% of the candidates selected by you are answered, this is a very good result! Be patient.

In real life, the choice is usually limited (the number of participants in the event or visitors to the club), while on the Internet your choice is unlimited. This has its pluses and minuses. Plus, you can be picky – carefully select candidates and communicate only with those who fully meet your expectations. The downside is that your candidates do the same: if you do not like them at all, you will immediately get a refusal – nobody is going to stand on ceremony with you.

Flirting online can become both protracted (when it takes several weeks or even months to get to know each other and dare to meet, it’s very fast) (especially if you communicate often through instant messaging). In any case, do not forget about your own safety (see Chapter 2). And before “evolving”, try to check all the information about your new acquaintance, as far as possible.

But do not bend the stick – after all, most users on the Internet are people like you. Adhere to the traditional rules of flirting on the Web – and then the probability of meeting there exactly who you need, will greatly increase.

Let’s sum up the results:
The Internet strengthens and sometimes even distorts the traditional rules of flirting.
Remember about caution!

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