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How To Force Yourself To Go In For Sports? Get in Shape!

Hello! Pure reiki healing masterToday you will read one of the most useful articles of our site! It will talk about how you can force yourself to go in for sports at home or in the gym. Just want to put you down on Earth: neither this, nor any other article on any other resource will not be able to help you, until you yourself realize the need for classes.

How To Force Yourself To Go In For Sports? Get in Shape!

We can not force you to do anything, and you yourself hardly persuade to begin to do it, you just need to take the time to stop reading and start studying! Right now, since this is the most successful moment for you !!! Not an hour, not a day, not after a certain period of time, namely at this moment!

A person who by nature is very stubborn and lazy, so different kinds of training and learning motivation act on him/her very weakly, and this can take years. Therefore, the simplest rule that works is that without any swaying and thinking, you should start playing sports at the moment you remembered about it. Do not need to come up with the goals for which you are trying! You do not need to look for a company and training methods, do it through: I do not want to! And I can not!.

Once you have started to play sports, you can read the article further, it will help you not to give up this lesson and learn how to get pleasure from everything that happens.

7 ways to get yourself into sports and do it with exceptional pleasure and zeal:

1. Choose the right sport!

Many can not seriously engage in sports, not because they are lazy or weak, but because they have not chosen the right direction. Let’s take, for example, a struggle: those who chose judo do not always have a special pride in this, because for many, the struggle seems to be waving hands and feet, and here you have to study seizures, coups, the right fall, etc. Which, accordingly, strains and quickly annoys.

Therefore, it is better for such people to try themselves in kickboxing or karate. Or, for example, gymnastics for girls is also an interesting activity, but rather boring, it’s better to try yourself in figure skating, there will be much more interest here, and you can always show yourself in front of your friends in all glory on the ice. In general, never stop on one sport, if it became difficult for you and not interesting!
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2. Set yourself a mini-task, which will track your achievements.

Sport is a time-consuming hobby that requires a lot of time from you, since noticeable results in appearance and skills do not come at once, so many do not stand up and give up this occupation. Avoid this help guide you, which you yourself can put yourself.

For example, every 2 weeks measure your achievements (writing them into a notebook): how many times you pulled up, how high your leg was raised, how many jumps you made, how many hours you spent, etc. Constant focusing on the result achieved, constant growth (albeit not a big one) will help you to play sports without laziness and nerves.

Protein is needed to increase dry, muscular tissue

Protein is needed to increase dry, muscular tissue

3. Combine sports with other pleasant pursuits.

As a rule, sports are engaged for the sake of some result, but this result is often not enough for a full-fledged motivation. Therefore, we recommend combining sports exercises with other activities: watching movies / programs / serials, listening to music, talking with friends, etc.

Such a combination will help alleviate moral tension and over time, sports will no longer be associated with sweat, fatigue and heavy breathing. You will cease to notice the shortcomings, but on the contrary will strive again, to deal with it.

4. Set up competitions between friends or beat other people’s records.

To stimulate to improve their results, it is necessary, otherwise your muscles will stop growing. This is naturally very difficult physically, so for this we recommend that you arrange a competition between friends and girlfriends for a while, for endurance, for the number of exercises done, etc. If now there are no friends nearby, call them on the phone, find out their records in this sport and start independently to exceed them. The top of skill is to learn to compete with yourself.
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5. Do not go in for sports alone.

Playing alone is very confusing, especially if you can not force yourself to do it, because there is no willpower. Therefore, you must either go to the gym, or to study classes, or play sports with your friends.

If you are engaged in sports only at home, then invite friends to your room, and preferably a loved one or a loved one. If someone looks at you from time to time, then you simply can not “philonel”, as it will be very embarrassing.

It is also good to go in for sports in the yard on the site, where a lot of people are walking, before which one also does not want to fall face in the mud. Perhaps in time you will get used to watching, but it’s not important, because at first this embarrassment can make you do sports, which is what we are trying to achieve!

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6. Do not miss training.

In sports, the regime and constancy are very important. If you make a long break, you will have to start making yourself like it was before, which means it will again be difficult and uninteresting.

Naturally, developing your daily routine, make it in such a way that the sport does not squeeze all of you out of you, especially if you are new to it. Let it be first 30-minute lessons in 1-2 days, and eventually you can increase both the frequency and time of training.
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7. Think for yourself the methods of control and the system of penalties.

And the last advice will be that you have to come up with methods of control over yourself. In childhood and adolescence, we could be controlled by parents, but now they are unlikely to be able to exert such influence on us, therefore, we must rely solely on ourselves.

You can be fined differently: from the ban on food, to monetary penalties. For example, for every missed class you will give $20 to an orphanage. Thus, and money will not be wasted in vain, and to you it will be penalty for infringement. Men can ask their wives to punish them in bed, in the sense that they were not allowed to touch them even for a week or even two (agree, too, not a bad lever and motivator).

That’s basically all the real methods by which you can force yourself to go in for sports and not throw it. Of course, it would be possible to describe in the article all the benefits that sport gives to a person, but this is trivial and it is unlikely that anyone can be made to love this exercise and sports in general.

For today, that’s it. However, we are also interested in knowing your ways of compelling to sport! Write them in the comments to this article! And those who tried our methods – write about the results!

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