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Funny Dog Sings – Causes of Abandonment of Animals

Causes of abandonment of animals

The abandonment of animals occurs throughout the year and has great incidence at the time of vacations. The main causes of abandonment are as follows:

  1. Vacations, having nowhere to leave the animal.
  2. Pregnancy and birth of a child for unfounded belief that the animal is a health hazard.
  3. Behavior problems of the animal, such as aggression, inappropriate elimination or destructive behavior.
  4. Poor performance in the hunting function.
  5. Economic difficulties that do not allow the animal.
  6. The owner or family members are allergic to the animal.
  7. Emigration or relocation.
  8. Consider an animal as a replaceable object or as a fashionable toy

How to combat animal abandonment?

Sensitization of the population to the rights of animals: the population should be intruded on animals in order to treat them as living beings and not as objects.

Demystification of the castration of animals: for animals the sexual act is only reproductive and the frustration of not being able to fulfill this function in the time of heat is more harmful than the castration itself.
Animal castration: implementation of incentives and pet castration campaigns with the aim of reducing the number of litters per year.

Electronic identification: the chip is mandatory in animals born since 2008 but is only placed in 30% of the animals. The chip is placed at the time of the first rabies vaccine and its use should be encouraged. The chip allows identification of the owners of lost or abandoned animals.

Enhanced surveillance: surveillance focusing on electronic identification encourages the placement of the chip.

Criminalization: with an average of more than 10 thousand abandoned per year, in 2015 only 13 crimes for abandonment were registered. Therefore, there is a lack of punishment and its dissuasiveness. On the other hand, the authorities often do little about crimes against animals. The animal protection law should be applied more vigorously.

Stimulate adoption: Adoption campaigns for animals in institutions to find a new home.

Conscious adoptions: when you adopt an animal you must be aware of the time and money you will need to invest in the animal. The decision should go through the family and make sure that no one is allergic.

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