How To Get Rid Of Yellow Plaque On Teeth

How To Get Rid Of Yellow Plaque On Teeth

The tooth enamel of healthy teeth is naturally translucent and slightly yellowish in color. This color gives minerals, the presence of which indicates the strength of the enamel. Under the enamel is a layer of dentine, which is also saturated with minerals. It is this layer that determines the shade of the teeth.

On healthy, even teeth, the yellowish shade of the enamel does not strike the eye. An unnaturally snow-white smile is obtained only by chemical whitening, which often spoils the enamel. All teeth can not be equally white. Fangs usually are yellower than the rest of the teeth in the row, since they are tighter.
How To Get Rid Of Yellow Plaque On Teeth
The yellow shade of teeth from nature is usually inherited. If both parents have yellowish teeth, then the probability of transferring this feature to the child is very high. A high level of mineralization guarantees the teeth strength and will protect them from caries and other damages for a long time.

In addition to genetic peculiarities, teeth can also turn yellow from plaque, which occurs for many reasons:
Smoking cigarettes or hookah promotes the deposition of yellow plaque. Over time, the raid becomes darker, and at the joints of teeth becomes a stone that destroys enamel.

Frequent use of coloring drinks can stain teeth in a yellow tint. These drinks include tea, coffee, pomegranate and grape juice. Raw colored vegetables also refer to products with a coloring effect (beets or carrots).

Insufficient thorough hygiene of the oral cavity causes reproduction of pathologically bacteria that settle on the teeth. In addition, there are dental diseases that contribute to the appearance of plaque.

Some drugs cause yellowing of the teeth. The use of tetracycline and tetracycline group preparations affects the color of the enamel. To remove such yellowness is itself problematic.

Change in the tone of tooth enamel may indicate any disturbance in the functioning of the body. Usually such violations are followed by strict diets. Monodity can be considered especially dangerous. With frequent abuse of food restrictions to one product, inevitably leads to a shortage of many vitamins and minerals.

Diseases of the mouth can also cause the formation of yellow plaque. Frequent infections (stomatitis, gingivitis) create a favorable environment for the reproduction of microorganisms, which do not always die after the end of the course of treatment. That’s why during such diseases it is useful to rinse with broths and disinfectants.

Before choosing a method of teeth whitening, you need to find out the cause of their yellowness. Natural yellowness and caused by medicines to remove yourself is almost impossible and dangerous for the state of enamel. You can get rid of this plaque only in dental clinics.
How To Get Rid Of Yellow Plaque On Teeth

How to remove yellow plaque on teeth at home

When the yellow plaque on the teeth is not too thick, you can try to clean it at home. There are several ways of soft teeth whitening at home:

Baking soda is a good cleaning agent, including for teeth. Soda should be used as a tooth powder, lightly rubbing it with a toothbrush or cotton pad. After use, rinse your mouth thoroughly and brush your teeth as usual with toothpaste.

Crushed activated carbon can also give a whitening effect. One tablet of coal is crushed and rubbed into the teeth with a toothbrush, then rinsed and cleaned with ordinary toothpaste.

In addition to activated carbon, you can try to whiten your teeth with charcoal or charcoal from eggplants baked in the fire. This coal has a more rigid structure, so the toothbrush is better not to use, but gently rub the coal with a piece of cotton wool.

An effective means for home teeth whitening is hydrogen peroxide. You can just rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth with peroxide or rub your teeth with a cotton swab dipped in it. Possible discomfort in the mouth after use. The maximum effect is achieved after 0-14 days. It must be remembered that the whitening effect of peroxide is achieved by dissolving the plaque on the teeth, together with which the enamel often dissolves.

Home bleaching can be a pleasant procedure. Contain whitening ingredients such berries as strawberries and strawberries. With a cut berry, you need to rub your teeth and leave it for a few minutes, then brush your teeth with a toothpaste containing fluoride. You can also wipe your teeth with a piece of apple or fresh lemon peel, which adds fresh breath to the whitening effect. Such methods can not be used more than once every two weeks, since the acid in the products listed can attenuate the enamel.

For delicate teeth whitening with damaged enamel, tea tree oil can be used. After its use, the gum is also strengthened and the oral cavity is cleared of bacteria. To prepare rinse aid you need a few drops of oil to add a third of a glass of water and rinse your mouth. You can use it a couple of times a week.
How To Get Rid Of Yellow Plaque On Teeth

Liquorice has a bleaching and wound healing effect. Due to its viscous properties can be used as a chewing gum.

Sage leaves have antiseptic, soothing and antimicrobial action. If there is fresh sage, then its leaves can be wiped teeth and gums after other bleaching procedures. From the dried sage prepare the infusion and rinse them into the mouth.

Recipes of traditional medicine to remove yellow plaque from teeth can lead to enamel damage and other unpleasant consequences. Therefore, you need to consult a dentist, find out how often you can use some of the home bleaching products.

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