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Ginger: Benefits For Women, Anti-inflammatory Natural Analgesic

Ginger is a root with numerous benefits, traditionally used by many cultures thanks to its healing properties. Many of them are essential for the well-being of women, such as heating cold feet, increasing libido during menopause, preventing nausea during pregnancy or speeding up the metabolism.

Ginger: Benefits For Women, Anti-inflammatory Natural Analgesic – Original Recipes

The following will explain what benefits for women and also the different ways to consume it, as well as some unique and delicious ways to use it in the kitchen.

Ginger (Zingiber officinale)

used since antiquity in the East has a very peculiar taste, slightly sweet, refreshing and spicy. The part we use for its properties is the rhizome.
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Benefits of Ginger for Women’s Health

The usual consumption of this root brings us the following benefits:

Anti-inflammatory and natural analgesic:

Ginger is recommended in the natural treatment of inflammatory and / or painful diseases like arthritis, fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue.


helps to treat more digestions, gas, gastritis, gastric ulcers, diarrhea, etc. It also works as a stomach protector against the consumption of alcohol and medicines.

Throat conditions:

it helps treat infections and throat inflammation, it is very useful in cases of hoarseness and for professional singers.

Nausea and vomiting:

especially recommended in the first few months of pregnancy, as it does not cause side effects to either the fetus or the mother. It is also an ideal supplement during chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer.

Helps prevent travel sickness.

Brings heat:

ginger has a high calorific potential, whether used externally or internally. We especially recommend it for people who feel very cold and for times of cold. In hot weather, remember that drinking can increase perspiration.
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It accelerates the metabolism:

this calorific property also promotes the acceleration of the metabolism, very useful for those who want to lose weight.
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Increases libido:

it is a natural aphrodisiac. We recommend to prepare a ginger and cinnamon powder with honey and take a spoonful daily.

Prevents cardiovascular diseases and promotes circulation:

however, if you are taking medication it may interfere with your action, so seek a doctor before you consume.

How to consume ginger?

We can consume this root in several ways:

  • Raw root: we can grate the root and include in recipes of all kinds.
  • Powder: To perform a treatment we recommend taking ginger powder to be able to control the dose. Do not exceed the dose of 2 gr daily and always consult a professional therapist.
  • Dry: the dried ginger is easy to find nowadays in natural products stores. We must remember that the preparation contains a high sugar content.
  • Infused: A hot ginger tea is ideal for people who feel very cold.
  • Fresh juice: Fresh ginger juice, without abuse, allows us to give an original and medicinal touch to apple, pineapple, carrot, etc. juices.
  • Essential oil: We can use the essential oil of ginger to massage, for example, on cold feet. Mix with usual moisturizer and massage your feet well. In no time you will notice the great heat unleashed.

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Original recipes with ginger

Ginger will help us, for example, to give a juicy and refreshing spot to cakes, sponge cakes, cookies or homemade bread recipes.

We can also boil it with milk or some vegetable drink, along with cinnamon, star anise and turmeric and we will get a delicious drink to heat.

In Japanese cuisine, canned is used to accompany sushi dishes. The Japanese add them to refresh the palate after eating the raw fish.

Restless, it will allow us to decorate our sweet and salty recipes in a more original way. Also we can bathe it in hot chocolate and let it cool in the refrigerator to get delicious chocolates with a spicy touch.

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