Smoking cannabis usually causes lack of initiative

Guaranteed Secrets to Quit Smoking Marijuana

Although marijuana is less addictive and physically less dangerous than many illicit drugs, it can develop into a bad habit, uncontrolled and detrimental to daily activities, social interactions and physical abilities.
In some countries, marijuana is allowed to smoke – for storage and use of this product is not threatened with any punishment. Moreover, marijuana is prescribed in small doses to patients with oncology. Smoking of this “grass” helps to get rid of bouts of pain, improves the emotional background. But not everything is as rosy as it would seem.

Marijuana is very toxic and dangerous for the body. In some countries it is equated to strong drugs and for its smoking can threaten a real prison term. Before you learn how to deal with bad habits, we will try to understand what marijuana is, how it affects the human body and whether it is possible to give up smoking forever.

What is marijuana?

Marijuana (hemp, hashish) is the most affordable (relatively inexpensive) and common drug that is easy to get and store.
Smoking cannabis usually causes lack of initiative
In fact, these are dried stems, leaves and flowers of Indian hemp. From this plant, hashish is also prepared – it is, in fact, the milk treacle of cannabis. Hashish is much stronger than marijuana and more powerfully affects the body. But this does not mean that marijuana is so safe. This drug has hallucinogenic properties – after it enters the body, the perception of the surrounding world is distorted.

Marijuana produces a hormone of joy – serotonin.

However, with each next smoking of this hormone, less and less is produced. This causes you to make stronger tightening, keep the smoke in the cavity of the bronchi as long as possible in order to strengthen the effect. However, all this only leads to the fact that toxins affect the body more actively, poisoning it. Many smokers with experience have long been deprived of the pleasure of smoking – and they do it only because of dependence.

How does marijuana work on the body.

Continued use of marijuana has direct negative consequences, both physically and psychologically. This “harmless”, at first glance, drug manifests its effect after 3 years of regular use. Many smokers of grass are justified by the fact that heavy smokers can smoke a pack (or even more) of cigarettes per day, while they have enough for a day 2-3 cigarettes with weed. However, they do not take into account the fact that one such “cigarette with grass” for psychotropic effects is equal to 10 smoked cigarettes.

Smoking cannabis usually causes lack of initiative, laziness, unwillingness to participate in many social events (especially when participants are people who do not smoke), as well as damage to the internal organs: the heart and lungs. For these reasons, the number of people who decided to quit smoking is increasing.

People with addictions not only deteriorate physical health, but there is a tendency to psychological disorders, schizophrenia, depression and anxiety. Smoking grass increases the release of serotonin in the body, which serves as a chemical reagent in the brain and is responsible for the pleasure. Unfortunately, the longer you smoke the weed, the less and less serotonin is produced, and the less pleasure you feel, and the more thrust you are trying to make.

Physical dependence on smoking marijuana does not appear immediately, and therefore a person who uses grass occasionally, as a rule, does not find it difficult to abandon it altogether: one has only to set a solid goal (no longer to consume), and cancellation syndrome can pass completely unnoticed.

Another thing is when the drug is consumed more than 3 years, regularly and in large quantities. In this case, the following consequences occur:

  • inhibition of mental activity;
  • the ability to remember information decreases;
  • problems with coordination of movement and balance;
  • spontaneous attacks of joy, panic or paranoia;
  • there may be moments of short-term memory loss;
  • the activity of the organism decreases – a person quickly gets tired physically;
  • because of the action of carbon monoxide, the airways narrow, which leads to bronchitis, tuberculosis, laryngeal cancer;
  • develops tachycardia (heart rate more than 90 beats per minute), ischemia (decreased blood circulation), hypertension (increased pressure), atherosclerosis (arterial disease) and other diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • because of the low testosterone levels in men, the viability and motility of spermatozoa decreases;
  • women have irregular menstrual cycles;
  • Attacks of hunger (especially after smoking);
  • with prolonged use there is tremor (trembling) of the hands.

Some body disorders become irreversible.

Psychological dependence.

Many lovers of herb because of the lack of withdrawal (as when using strong drugs) claim that they have no addiction. But they do not take into account manifestations of a different kind.

The lack of physical pain keeps the addict in much greater danger – psychological. And it is often more difficult to fight against it. So, without the next dose of grass, the joy of life disappears,
there is anger and depression, smokers become withdrawn and lose all family ties (while continuing to consume the grass), in search of new sensations, which they received initially from marijuana, they switch to heavier drugs.
Most drug addicts began their journey into the abyss with marijuana …

What to do to stop smoking marijuana?

Strangely enough, we do not advise you to stop smoking immediately. The fact is that a sharp refusal is fraught with a rapid breakdown and relapse. To abandon marijuana forever, you need to do this gradually. You need to set yourself a clear time frame, which will not allow you to “stretch” the process of quitting. Suppose, if you smoked 3 cigarettes a day, for a week you need to reduce this amount to two cigarettes, a week later – to one. Then you need to smoke every other day, then the intervals without cigarettes should be longer. So one day you will be able to give up marijuana forever.

Remove from view all attributes that are associated with “grass”. Cigarettes, cigarettes, ashtrays, pipes, symbolic attributes in the form of logos on clothes – that should not be seen.

In addition, it is necessary to exclude the provoking factor. You smoke only when you meet one person – do not meet with him. Is his communication more important for you than your own health? If you smoke in a certain club or other institution – do not go there. If you are delayed only together with a drink – do not drink alcohol.

If you have already given up smoking, do not give yourself indulgences in the form of one puff or one cigarette. Always remind yourself about the decision taken. Praise yourself for the strength of will.

Tie a red thread around your wrist – as a reminder of the decision taken. You can use the motivation that you used to quit smoking. If you are motivated by family and close people, with a keen desire to smoke, look at their photos. It’s better to wear it in your wallet. If you are motivated by the desire to earn money or enter a university, think about your dream, make plans, introduce yourself in a new way.

Be prepared for the fact that after a failure, there may be some side effects. This irritability, nervousness, drowsiness, loss of appetite, apathy, fatigue, headache. If the discomfort is significant, and you feel that you can not cope with it, it is better to consult a doctor. They will help to remove the symptoms of intoxication and relieve the unpleasant sensations. This will help to refrain from tightening.

Sometimes it may be useful to support people who have already suffered this. You can find them in social organizations. Often the experience of ex-addicts inspires and forces once and for all to abandon marijuana. Yoga can help.

These simple rules will help you survive this difficult stage in life. And the sooner you decide on this step, the easier it is for an organism to give up a bad habit. Sooner or later it needs to be done, otherwise “grass” can lead to sad consequences. Millions of people around the world are losing families, jobs, friends, and sometimes lives because of cannabis.

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