Focus on weaknesses not strengths

Habits Of Unsuccessful People: Knowing what to avoid is beneficial!

Knowing what habits to avoid is beneficial!

Secrets to attract wealth

  1. Think they know it all
  2. Act before they think
  3. Fear change
  4. Keep knowledge for themselves
  5. Talk more than they listen
  6. Try to bring others down to their own level
  7. Stop learning
  8. Give up easily
  9. Waste their time
  10. Blame others, criticize
  11. Think, say & do negative things
  12. Get distracted everyday
  13. Secretly hope others fail
  14. Do not forgive
  15. Have a sense of entitlement
  16. Never set goals
  17. Take the easy way out
  18. Have no objectives
  19. Always with bad humor
  20. Believe that talking about it and doing it are the same thing
  21. Believe that a lot of short-term success will lead to long-term success
  22. Focus on weaknesses not strengths
  23. Think praise is for wimps
  24. Believe it’s a dog eat dog world, and we have to fight for our share
  25. Make excuses
  26. They are leaders without followers
  27. They like to gamble and take big risks
  28. Don’t know the difference between confidence and arrogance

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