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Habits That Will Change Your Life

Habits are what accompanies us all life. Some of them need to be disposed of, and some need to be bought on the contrary. Here is a small list of useful habits that can change your life.


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Daily exercise. Do not be lazy to spend 30 minutes a day on gymnastics, running or any other physical exercises. Especially if you have a sedentary job. This will help you to strengthen your health.

Breakfast. Do not forget to have breakfast in the morning. This is the most important meal of the day and if you ignore it, you can say goodbye to good digestion and high energy levels.

A good night’s sleep. Lack of sleep can not affect your health. Stress and fatigue accumulate, every day making your body weaker and weaker. You must sleep at least eight hours a day.

Healthy food. Everyone sometimes wants to have a snack with chips or a burger, but one has to get into the habit of ignoring everything that is harmful to your health and eating only healthy food.

Fruits and vegetables. 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day – the minimum necessary for health.

Fish. The fish is very rich in useful substances. it must be eaten at least once a week.

A glass of water immediately after awakening. When you wake up, your body is dehydrated and needs fluid. Get a habit of drinking a glass of water in the morning. Also try to drink more water throughout the day.

Refusal of soda. Avoid carbonated drinks. They harm your health.

Personal hygiene. Keep your body clean. This does not mean that you should take a shower ten times a day. Just be clean.

To give up smoking. Here everything is simple: if you have a bad habit – to smoke, replace it with a harmless one – do not smoke.

Refusal of alcohol. The same as with smoking. An exception is a glass of wine at dinner.

Stairs. Take the habit of using a staircase, not an elevator. This is a good physical exercise for your health.

Vitamins. Do not forget to drink vitamins every day.


Ideas. Make it a habit to record all the ideas that come to your mind.

Priorities. Do you have a list of planned cases? If so, then think about where you will begin. Always prioritize. If you have any doubts, ask yourself: “If today I could do just one thing, what would it be?”.

Plan. Planning is an important factor. You must know in advance what you are going to do today or this week. However, planning for more than a few weeks is usually ineffective, so do not worry about it.

Check e-mail twice a day. E-mail can easily steal from you a lot of time. To prevent this from happening, start a habit – check it no more than twice a day.

Elimination of non-essential tasks. The fact that you are busy all day does not mean that you are busy with really important things.

Be able to filter tasks and time out unnecessary ones. Concentrate on what really matters.

Order on the table and in the room. Keep order around yourself. This habit will make you more organized and productive.

Automation. There are many tasks that one has to face every day or every week. Automate them.

Setting deadlines. When you undertake any task, determine in advance the deadlines. This habit contributes to maximum productivity.

Recreation. Do not forget to periodically relax and rest, otherwise your productivity will not budge.

Personal development

One book a week. Read the book a week. Reading is a great way to entertain and increase brain activity.

Puzzles. Play quizzes and puzzles, solve charades and rebuses, in other words, solve various puzzles. It develops your mental and creative abilities, as well as logical thinking.

Making decisions. Take the habit of making decisions quickly, but at the same time firmly and deliberately.

Refusal of impulsive purchases. When you are going to make a major purchase, give yourself time to think about all its pluses and possible disadvantages. This will save you from wasting your money.

Meditation. Daily meditation is a useful habit that helps keep thoughts in order.

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