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Harmonious Table Decor – Decoration For Any Holiday

The trend to beautifully serve the table is gaining momentum. This applies not only to any solemn occasions. Beautiful serving can be used in everyday life.

Harmonious Decor Of The Table – Decoration For Any Holiday

Choose a tablecloth

The form

Determine the appropriate shape of the tablecloth. They are rectangular, square, oval and round. The ideal tablecloth repeats the form of the table top.
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You can lay a round tablecloth on a round table, and put a small square tablecloth on top. It will be great if these tablecloths are of contrasting colors.

There are also tablecloths. This narrow cloth of cloth is called a runner and is placed in the middle of the table. General dishes, ornaments and vases are put on it. Runner is a narrow cloth, so in addition to it, cloth napkins are placed on the table.
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Tablecloths made of polyester or acrylic are suitable for everyday use. Such products are easy to wash, do not crumple and are treated with a composition that repels water.

For festive decoration of the table it is better to choose natural fabrics made of flax or cotton. Such materials are durable and look beautiful. It is worth remembering that natural materials shrink after washing, so choose a tablecloth a little more than the proper size.

Color and swipe

The tablecloth can be matched in one color scheme with an interior or be a bright accent.

Without table napkins table setting looks unfinished. Materials napkins and tablecloths must match. The tablecloth and napkins can be the same colors, or contrasting.

Crockery and decor

In order to beautifully decorate the table, choose the dishes in the same style. Any color scheme: monophonic, with patterns, color in combination with a monochromatic one. It all depends on the style you choose.

In the matter of serving, you can safely show imagination. Thematic is huge: serving according to the season, romantic style, eco-style (natural vegetables, fruits, fresh flowers, etc.).
table decor
Décor options are a lot: flowers in various variations, twigs and sticks, wicker elements, candles.
Using a certain theme in the design of the table, you can create an amazing and original atmosphere.

Decorating a party or dinner takes time and creativity, but it is a nice and rewarding task after everything is ready. Among the most important items on special occasions are table decorations, which can be both beautiful and useful at the same time.
To decorate a table, whether the main or the guests, it is nice to take into account the theme or colors used for the overall decoration of the party. Come and meet some models of inspiration and tips for yourself to make your table decoration!

Remember that making your own decor is much better than buying because it gives more style and originality!
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