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Harms Of Using Erectile Dysfunction Drugs In Young People

I have observed that medications for the treatment of erectile dysfunction such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Helleva and others have been misused by young people. Viagra, the most popular remedy used to combat erectile dysfunction in men over 50 years of age, had its sale regulated for about 15 years, but nowadays what is seen among young men who do not need to use the remedies, is that its use for supposedly better sexual performance has become a craze. But what they are unaware of are the risks that the medicine causes to health when used without need.
Harms Of Using Erectile Dysfunction Drugs In Young People
These drugs before being put on the market go through years of studies, being administered with controlled doses for a target population. That is, men with erectile dysfunction. In the studies the risks of application of the drug in that population are determined. In this way, the risk of being applied to these drugs in young people without problems of erectile dysfunction was not determined.

It is important to understand that the remedy does not bring benefits to people who do not have erectile dysfunction, such as increased pleasure or “overreaction” and can also cause temporary side effects such as burning sensation, redness of the face, headaches and nausea and also more serious problems like blindness, fainting, cardiovascular problems and blood pressure.

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Another problem that we have observed with the use of these drugs without medical guidance is that many patients with psychogenic erectile problems end up “treating” their difficulty by using increasing doses of these drugs. We observed that in the medium term, these people end up developing a psychological dependence on the medication and end up having difficulty resuming a sexual life without using medication, even without presenting the need for them.

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For those who have any symptoms of erectile dysfunction, see a urologist for evaluation. Avoid clinics that promise miracles or fantastic treatments. Serious and scientifically proven treatments are known to the vast majority of physicians and are not the privilege of some clinics. There is no miracle formula! Be careful not to be deceived. Find a urologist doctor so that you can have a safe, accurate and safe treatment.

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