Fitness classes help to lose weight

Health Fitness Benefits

There is a stereotype that diet is enough to lose weight. To look fresh and beautiful, to have a tightened shape, to relieve stress you need a fitness load. Just in regular and feasible physical exertion and is the use of fitness for health.

The benefits of fitness and sports for health

Fitness classes help to lose weight. Regular force load strengthens and develops all the muscles of the body, which has great health benefits – that is, it relieves hypodynamia.
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Increasing the amount of muscle mass, in contrast to fat, leads to an increase in energy expenditure in the body, which means that the body benefits – it starts burning more calories. And the more you do, the harder your muscles become, the more calories your body burns throughout the day.

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In addition to regular fitness, its health benefits can be obtained even on aerobic exercise, which consumes a large amount of energy from the stored fat stores.
The general physical tone of the body rises. The use of physical education – a significant increase in endurance of the body, improving the activity of the cardiovascular system, strengthening and building up muscles in exchange for fat, improving coordination of movements and physical strength, the body becomes more flexible and graceful.

Increases libido and attractiveness for the opposite sex

The use of fitness for health is also in the fact that exercises have a positive effect on the hormonal background, the function of stress and relaxation, which will slow down the quality of intimate relationships.

Get rid of complexes about the appearance

Regular fitness exercises effectively correct the figure, which has a positive effect on self-esteem.
Relieve accumulated stress and stress. During exercise, the stress accumulated during the working day comes out, the muscles relax, the nerves calm down, which improves health and mood

Effect of fitness on fertility

A well-known statistical fact is that the ability to conceive in professional athletes is 3-5 times lower than in women who do not engage in sports. This is especially true of the most physically difficult sports. Proceeding from this, it can be said that the probability of problems with fertility increases with the increase in the load and intensity of employment by fitness. Simply put, if in your fitness schedule – 20 minutes of exercise bike, a little aerobics and stretching exercises, the likelihood that physical activity will badly affect your ability to conceive is extremely small. Rather, on the contrary: fitness in such a volume and such intensity tones up all the systems of the body, including the sex. On the other hand, if you are doing 5-7 times a week, 1.5-2 hours at a time, if your training plan includes strength exercises and hour crosses at “first space” speed, then sports is already a negative factor for your fertility, because the level of exercise is close to the intensity of training of a professional athlete.
In addition, the dynamics of the hormonal reaction of the female organism to intensive physical activity, to force loads has not been fully studied. There are serious suspicions that the body reacts to serious sports precisely at the hormonal level, hence the problems with fertility.

The worst and best female fitness

If we talk about specific types of physical activity, the worst option is training, which gives too heavy, prolonged or intense strain on the female body. For example, a marathon is bad (too long a load of medium or high intensity), weightlifting, bodybuilding is bad (excessive force, extreme gravity, danger to the spine and internal organs), martial arts – bad (high trauma, harm to the spine and joints). The most safe options for women’s fitness:

Aerobic loads of low or medium intensity and moderate duration. For example, jogging in the morning, practicing on an exercise bike or stepper, aerobics, fast walking.
All kinds of sports choreography (without traumatic elements).
Complexes of stretching exercises, stretching: yoga, pilates and related fitness systems. They can be either static or dynamic.
Light / medium load power blocks in the general training complex (for example, from 60 minutes of training you do 20 minutes of strength training).
Swimming, water aerobics and other activities related to water (diving and jumping into water – a separate story: both should be dealt with only after permission of the doctor).

Long walks, cycling, skiing, summer swimming in open water, dancing, morning gymnastics, sports meditation – all this only benefits, especially if you are doing with joy and pleasure.