Healthy Lifestyle – Basic Aspects, Rules, Tips

At present, the term healthy lifestyle is not clearly defined. You can look at it from different angles. From the point of view of the philosopher, this is the health of the spirit. Sociologists will say that this is life without drunkenness, drug addiction. Nutritionists will note the proper nutrition, doctors – prevention of diseases. This series can be continued indefinitely. But the general definition is approximately the same – it’s modus vivendi (lifestyle, mode of existence), aimed at strengthening health and preventing diseases.Lean Belly Breakthrough - healthy lifestyle

And what to mean by “illness” and “prevention”, everyone decides for himself. We will mean by this term a set of measures to strengthen physical health. To say that we choose with our motto the phrase “in a harmonious body a healthy spirit” will not be entirely correct. This is an important, but not the only, aspect of our existence.

However, this proverb is not in vain lived up to our time without change. If a person is healthy, he thinks more sensibly, he often enjoys what is happening around him, everything turns out for him. To be healthy means to have fabulous wealth, which almost any person can have, if you try. But you have to try every day.

Healthy Lifestyle – Basic Aspects, Rules, Tips

Promotion of a healthy lifestyle is now necessary, the load on the body has changed, we have started to move less. But our culinary preferences remained unchanged. People quickly began to grow stout, and therefore, sick and lose their ability to fully fulfill their social role.

What do we most often wish relatives and friends, congratulating them on the holidays? Health! What are we praying for in temples? About the health of relatives! And what do we do to be healthy? Yes, almost nothing.

The immune system is responsible for the health. A healthy person is said to have good immunity. Immunity is the ability to protect against infections and other harmful effects. Maintain the immune system every day. And for this you must lead a healthy lifestyle!

Consider the main aspects of a healthy lifestyle, trying to answer the question: how to be healthy.

proper nutrition

1. Basis – proper nutrition

Nutrition is very important for a healthy lifestyle. Without food, he can not live. Lack of food leads to irreversible changes in health. Even in our, in general, well-fed time, there are diseases associated with the lack of food. The most “popular” among them is anorexia. The worst thing is that a person brings himself to this disease. But a healthy diet does not mean over enough.

Excess calories to us, too, to nothing. The first rule of our body: it’s better not to finish eating than to overeat! It is known that a healthy person with proper nutrition is unlikely to eat more than he needs. But some diseases can cause an increase in appetite.
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Especially dangerous in this regard is Diabetes mellitus type 2. With this disease, the pancreas regularly produces insulin (sometimes even more), but the body does not recognize it and “requires” glucose. The person begins to take more food and sweets, thus gaining more and more extra pounds, the blood sugar level rises, but the patient wants to eat more and more.

It may happen that without experiencing the need for insulin production due to sufficient intake of sugar, the body ceases to produce insulin, in which case type 2 diabetes passes into a more insulin-dependent diabetes that is more dangerous to health. Proper healthy diet helps to avoid many age-related diseases and is recommended for maintaining health.

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2. Sports and exercise

A person has always had physical activity since ancient times. To get food, it was necessary to work very hard. Ancient people did not have excess weight. Now the load is reduced to a minimum. At work we sit at the table, we move on cars, on rest we bask in the sun. This is not right and not good for health. After all, we have not changed genetically. All studies show that people who engage in sports are less likely to get sick.

A healthy lifestyle provides for moderation of physical activity. Scientists have found that the optimal will be 150 minutes of exercise per week.

What should I choose to feel cheerful and not get sick? Here everyone should decide for himself. It is better to change several different gyms than not to get pleasure from the lessons.
The most favorable is swimming, water aerobics. Physical exercises in water are most sparing. For women all kinds of dances are recommended. When practicing with dancing, all muscles work. And it’s just beautiful. For men – group sports, football, volleyball. If you swing, then not to fanaticism.

If you are absolutely against sports halls, then at least take charge, choosing the most suitable complex for yourself.

They often propagandize morning exercise. But if you do it through force, you get tired after it, what is the use of such exercises? Remember that with the right combination of exercises you will feel light physical fatigue and huge moral satisfaction.

3. Take vitamins

The human body needs vitamins. Of course, the best thing is to get everything from food. Doctors advise to abandon the thoughtless intake of vitamins. Recent research shows that people who take vitamins regularly live less. Getting vitamins from food, you keep your health. But if this is not possible, you will have to fill the deficit by taking vitamin complexes on the advice of a doctor.

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4. Be sure to temper

A healthy lifestyle involves the use of air baths and water procedures, walking in the fresh air, love for these procedures does not even need to be vaccinated. You rarely meet a healthy child who does not like to walk outside (note, in any weather!) Or swim. You just need to support this love. And if with the young children the parents still walk, then with the elders it seems as though already laziness. Previously, children could safely be allowed to go for a walk. In the courtyards on the benches, adults gathered to look after the children. Unfortunately, all this is lost. Take for the rule of joint evening walks. This will benefit the whole family, will serve as the basis for a healthy lifestyle.

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5. Pure water is the source of life!

Water is the source of life on Earth. The human body is 80% water. And if without food a person can withstand a month, without water – a few days. It is necessary to drink at least 2 liters of water a day, water removes toxins and other harmful substances from the body.

Unfortunately, clean water is practically not available to most people. To reduce the amount of harmful substances in the water, use filters or at least frostbitten water. What does “frozen water” mean and how useful is it? Different substances have different freezing temperatures and when freezing, pure ice and ice with impurities are formed (it is more dirty in appearance). In fact, there are three layers.
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Therefore, sometimes in the methods of preparation of melt water there are different recommendations, some source advise to drain the first portion of water, others – the latter. We will deal with this issue. The first freezes at + 3.80С heavy water, which contains not hydrogen, but deuterium. Its a bit, but it’s necessary to merge it. To understand the harmfulness of this water, we simply say that it is formed when cooling nuclear reactors and is defended in special “lakes” for thirty years or processed in a special way.

The second water is clean, it freezes at 00C. It is this water that must be drained and then consumed. And from below usually there is a lump of cloudy ice, this is ice with impurities. Hence, taking out a container of frozen water from the refrigerator, we merge slightly thawed muddy water – we do not drink it, it’s harmful impurities. The next portion is poured into the dishes, without waiting for the latter to melt, we drink this water. The last portion, a piece of ice, you can not throw out, but used to disinfect wounds.

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6. Laugh and communicate with each other more often

A healthy lifestyle and laughter are inseparable. Did you notice that the children are many and often laugh? Sick children do this much less often. People with a positive emotional mood are happy, less likely to get sick and are able to work creatively. Happy people are successful in their careers and more satisfied with life. Scientists have proved that laughter is good for health. It’s better to laugh with friends. The more friends you have, the longer life expectancy.

7. As a continuation of point 6 – say “no” to depression and stress

Watch your emotions. First, do not be nervous. We all refer to constant stressful situations, to the accelerated pace of our existence. It seems that you can not get away from stress. You can not leave. But they can be passed through themselves, be outside of them. Meditation helps in this. Many people think that meditation is like not from our culture. Nothing like this! Meditation is a way of focusing, helping to calm the nervous system, preserve mental health and organize your mind. Prayer concentration is also a meditation. Peace of mind is the basis. Peace of mind is also the basis of a healthy lifestyle.

8. No cigarettes, and alcohol – at a minimum

Smoking and health are not compatible. If you still smoke, try to do everything to get rid of this addiction. Alcohol is admissible, it helps to activate the gene of longevity. But only wine and in small quantities. A healthy lifestyle is the rejection of bad habits.
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Complete sleep9. Complete sleep and rest – health care

A healthy lifestyle involves a 7-8 hour sleep. This is a common recommendation. But sleep is too individual and little studied. It is known that some four hours are enough to feel cheerful, and some sleep all ten. And this is not expressed in any special abilities and talents. The main thing is that to wake up, you are happy for a new day. The organism also needs an alternation of work and rest. Rest is not just fun, it’s a necessity.

10. Maintain hygiene

Compliance with hygiene is the basis of a healthy lifestyle. The most basic – wash your hands more often. Firstly, you will get rid of the majority of bacteria in your hands, and therefore, reduce the likelihood of “diseases of dirty hands”. And secondly, by massaging your hands, activate the special points that stimulate the immune system.

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11. Attend the sauna!

Any that you like. Bathhouses are known from ancient times and are not separable from the way of life of the most diverse peoples. There are Finnish, Turkish, Japanese, Russian baths. All of them have their own specific features, but each of them is characteristic for a healthy lifestyle. The bath strengthens health. But do not visit her every day, it can only hurt, especially if you already have heart disease, high blood pressure and other diseases.

12. Choose ecologically clean areas for living!

A healthy lifestyle in an ecologically clean area is possible. Better still, choose life in the suburbs. We do not encourage people to leave the cities in God-forgotten villages, although this is the best option for a healthy lifestyle. In modern society, not everyone will decide on this. And civilizations are born for something. But even more often go on the nature!

These are not at all complicated rules that can become the basis of the life of any person. You just need to want. There is no need to start small. You just have to live, love, rejoice in every day. A healthy person is not afraid and disease of the spirit – depression, spleen. Be healthy!

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