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Have A Healthy Vision: Advice For Men And Women

Vision is one of the five senses of the human body. Over the years, it ends up getting worn out naturally with aging. And with very simple care, we can slow down some problems and strengthen the windows of the soul in a healthy way. From now on you will know tips that will keep your vision healthy.

Take care of your food.

It is very important that you maintain a healthy diet. Leave aside fried foods, fats, excess sugar and salt, for example. Choose vegetables and veggies;

Drinking plenty of liquid hydrates the body and helps in the production of tears;

Control your blood pressure.

Ideally, it’s 120/80. There are strong indications that macular degeneration, which impairs his vision, is directly related to cardiovascular problems;
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Put your sleep on.

Sleep an average of eight hours a day, because when you sleep, your eyes will become moist. A few hours of sleep can dry up the eyes and cause nasty inflammations;

Never use old makeup.

Using products with expired expiration dates can generate problems such as irritation, redness, sand sensation in eyes and burning;

If you work directly with a computer,

leave the monitor at eye level and at a suitable distance. It takes small breaks every two hours to rest your eyes. While resting, blink your eyes rapidly to avoid a crisis known as dry eye syndrome;

If you feel that your eyes are very dry,

use artificial tears that are sold at any pharmacy;
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Keep away from the TV whenever it is switched on.

The distance should be at least two meters from the screen. Also avoid spending too much time in front of the TV;

Beware of the lighting of the environment in which you are. It can not be too weak or too strong;

Always wear good-looking sunglasses,

which contain UVA and UVB protection even on cloudy days. Exposure to ultraviolet rays causes a disease that attacks the central part of the retina;
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There’s a great home recipe for improving the health of your eyesight.

Wet a cloth with cold water and put it in your eyes. With this, the contraction of the blood vessels will take place from the cold present in the cloth and the humidity found in it will lubricate his sight;

Mainly, go to the ophthalmologist periodically and report on your family’s ocular history. Consult and conduct tests at least once a year.

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