Home Masks Severe Dry Skin

Home Masks Against Severe Dry Skin

Home nourishing mask for dry skin with a refreshing and pulling effect:

Mix in a homogeneous mass of 1 raw chicken yolk, 1 tbsp. l. vegetable oil (olive, corn, linseed, but not sunflower), 1 tsp. liquid buckwheat or herbal honey and 1-1.5 st. l. freshly squeezed lemon juice.
Blend the mixture evenly on your face for about 12 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water.

The yolk and butter in this recipe have a moisturizing and nourishing effect, lemon juice invigorates and refreshes, but also contributes to the lightening of the skin. And honey helps to pull up sluggish, drooping skin, to increase its elasticity.

And if you add to this composition another 1 tbsp. l. oatmeal flakes and massage while applying the skin, you get the effect of a soft scrub.

Smoothing beans mask against wrinkles on dry skin:

Pour a quarter cup of raw beans of any sort with cold water and leave for 2 hours, then boil it until soft.
Finely grate the cooked beans and 2 tbsp. l. mash obtained with mash 2 sta. l. melted to the softness of butter.
When applying the composition, massage your face with your fingertips. Keep for 20-25 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water, as well as massaging the skin.

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Very dry facial skin needs regular nutrition.

For this, the following home mask is great:
Cook milk porridge with oatmeal. To pair of Art. l. even warm porridge add 1 tbsp. l. olive oil or a little melted butter and mix well.
Apply a thick layer of the face on the face and rinse with water after 20 minutes.

The recipe for a nutritious mask from a banana with dry skin:

Bananas are available for sale year-round, so problems with ingredients should not arise. It is advisable to choose overripe snotty fruits, for masks they will be just right.
About 2 tbsp. l. Banana pulp with yolk. Instead of yolk, you can take 1 tbsp. l. mayonnaise, oatmeal in milk or vegetable oil.

And you can generally mix all these components together with a banana, only by reducing their proportions. The mixture is applied to the face with a thick layer for 20 minutes.
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Excessively dry, but the scaly epidermis is well “scrub” steamed porridge:
1-2 tbsp. l. Flakes are poured with top with hot milk and covered with a lid. Minutes through 10 softened and swollen flakes should be carefully peeling in advance washed and slightly damp skin.

Nourishing and vitamin mask from lettuce leaves for skin care, prone to dryness:
It is prepared simply. Fresh salad leaves are finely chopped and poured until the formation of juice.
Approximately 3 tbsp. l. formed salad gruel mixed with 1 tbsp. l. corn or olive oil.

From what else you can make a mask for dry skin of the face, so it’s from dill:

Finely chop fresh fresh herbs to make it about 2 st. l. Add 1 tbsp. l. oatmeal or rice flour, as much olive or any other vegetable oil (except for sunflower) and a little warm milk, so that when stirring, a thick gruel is obtained.
Apply a thick layer on your face with a thick layer and after 20 minutes remove with a warm moist cotton swab.
This procedure saturates the epidermis with nutrients and other beneficial substances, cleanses.

With a very dry, but sensitive, irritated skin, try the following soothing mask:

Soothing ingredients in this recipe will be infusion of chamomile (1 full spoonful of dried flowers pour 200 g of boiling water, cover and leave until cooling, after do not forget to strain) and avocado oil. Avocado oil can be replaced with olive, apricot, linseed or cedar oil, they all have a positive effect on the epidermis with increased sensitivity.
The basis is taken raw yolk. Add to it 2 tbsp. l. chamomile and 2 tsp. selected oil. Mix, apply on face and hold for 15-20 minutes.

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