Honey Colds Flu

Honey For Colds And Flu: The Best of Nature

Honey is a unique and effective food to improve the cold. It is a sweet that bees make from the nectar of flowers.

Varieties of honey

There are some varieties of honey depending on the nectar of the flowers and the sugary substances from which most bees feed on the hive.

The most suitable types of honey to treat colds and colds are the following:

  • Multifloral honey: the most commercialized, formed by the nectar of several flowers, in equal quantity.
  • Eucalyptus honey: produced by bees that feed on the nectar of eucalyptus flowers. Dark color and very strong flavor.

Honey For Colds And Flu

Why honey?

The reasons for honey to be an effective remedy for colds is its antibacterial performance. In addition to its many nutritional components, honey contains inhibin which is nothing more than an excellent bactericidal addition to antiseptic.

Consumption of honey

There are several ways to consume honey in cold and cold situations:

  1. Diluted in hot milk: drink normally as usual.
  2. Diluted in hot water: gargle.
  3. In 1 tbsp: consume normally, pure.

After following any of the above procedures, honey relieves the symptoms of the following situations:
sore throat, pharyngitis and tonsillitis.
Honey For Colds And Flu

To relieve other symptoms

One must take into account a consequence that usually arises due to colds or flu, and also to allergies or infections of the respiratory tract: mucus.

In addition, it also usually comes accompanied by other symptoms such as: fever, headache, sore throat, cough, etc …
Honey For Colds And Flu
The excess of mucus is usually a predominant symptom, and among all, the most uncomfortable. Milk and dairy products tend to generally increase mucus. Therefore, when ingested when the amount of mucus is excessive can worsen the discomfort.

Therefore, a home remedy to relieve colds and at the same time prevent the formation of excess mucus is to replace the milk with hot water, mixed with lemon juice and honey.

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