classical house

House Or Cottage – 8 Beautiful Style Options

Houses with cottages can be built not only from different materials, but also in different styles. Professional architects can easily distinguish one design from another and execute for you an individual project of the cottage according to all the rules.

House Or Cottage – 8 Beautiful Style Options

And now let’s look briefly at the signs of the most famous styles of private housing:
classical house


The architectural forms are simple, and the lines are clear. Necessarily there are columns, balustrades, there are moldings and vestments.

Perhaps, you are familiar with the aristocratic manors of past centuries for films or pictures? This is the very classics.

Modern.modern house

Here the lines are smooth, and the forms are characterized by originality. Unusual decorating techniques are used.

Plans for houses in this style are inherent in numerous turns, as well as rooms with a multi-level arrangement.


A style for those who do not warm the soul of the delicacies of the decor, and the eye wants to not be overloaded with visual information. Forms of architecture here are clear, a lot of free space, which seems even freer due to the monochrome finishes and large areas of glazing.

Scandinavian style is also similar to minimalist.

There is absolutely no pretentiousness here, the design of architecture is perceived simply and easily.
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Minimalism with naturalism:

formed a kind of symbiosis in the houses of Wright’s style. They have a horizontal orientation, and here the landscape is skillfully used.


If you adore a warm hearth in a literal or figurative sense, then a Chalet-style house will be the best option for you. Outside, the main feature is a sloping and fairly wide roof, inside you will be surrounded by the most functional interior and will certainly find the fireplace.
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English style,

however, also implies a fireplace, and from the outside you recognize this design on a tall tiled roof with numerous bevels and a low foundation. The windows are large, but have frequent bindings.


high-tech houseAnd, finally, the most modern style of design – high-tech. Innovative technological methods are used here. Architecture here is sometimes amazing, and the interior makes pleasant surprises.

As you can see, today it is possible to build a cottage as completely trivial and unremarkable, and to roll a grandiose construction of an unusual design. With professional construction companies everything is possible.
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