There are a lot of ways to increase the penis

How to Enlarge Your Penis

There are a lot of ways to increase the penis. This can be done both with the help of medications, and with the use of surgical intervention. However, not everyone will decide on such drastic measures, so the simplest and safest way is to take exercises with the help of which everyone can increase the size of the penis.
For the size of the penis, the spongy body surrounding the urethra, including the head of the penis, and the cavernous bodies are responsible. These areas have a porous structure and can be filled and retained with blood adhering to them. With excitation, this is exactly what happens – the porous structure of the penis is filled and it increases in size. The limit of increase is the size and number of pores. This technique allows to increase their size and quantity by almost 50%, which leads to a greater volume of blood flowing and, accordingly, to an increase in the penis by a factor of 1.5. This can be compared to building muscle through exercise. The porous structure of the penis has the property of expanding, as well as muscle tissue.

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Techniques of home penis enlargement at the moment there are many.
Consider the most popular of them. But it should be understood that not all techniques are equally useful for penis enlargement, in addition they have different efficacy.

Tablets and ointments. Tablets and ointments to increase the penis will not give you a permanent result. They can give only a temporary effect, improve blood circulation, increase potency. They can be used as an aid in their program to increase a member, but not as a separate method.

Pumps. Vacuum pump for penis enlargement. The vacuum pump creates a rarefied pressure in the flask, due to which the penis in it expands. Pumps provide a temporary effect. Most men use pumps in their program as an auxiliary. Do not use the pump for beginners, because there is a risk of injury and vascular rupture.
Extenders. Extenders for penis enlargement. Extenders dress up on the penis and rush from 5 to 8 hours a day, stretching it. There is no question of any thickness increase when using an extender. I myself have been wearing the extender for a long time, but I did not get the result that I wanted. And this is confirmed by the fact that the use of an extender alone is not enough to fully increase the penis.

Penis enhancement is an integrated approach to penis enlargement. This training appeared quite recently and is based on the best Western techniques of penis enlargement. This manual reveals all the information that is needed to fully and correctly increase the penis at home.

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The main precept of the training is do no harm. All the sets of exercises that are included in penis- blasting are not only safe for the male reproductive system, but also useful. Technicians to increase the penis, which is in the training, have been tested already by thousands of men from Western countries and CIS countries. Therefore, in the training you will find only useful practical information that gives the result.

The technique below is suitable for men who can not afford to spend hours training. These exercises are recommended to be done several times a day.

First you need to lubricate the penis. Sit on the edge of the bed, grab your thumb and forefinger and stroke it.

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At the same time, it is necessary to stretch the skin as much as possible while holding a firm grip, moving from the base to the head. Every time you return to the base of the penis, you need to slightly tighten the grip. This allows you to delay the maximum amount of blood in the penis. After that, the movement to the head from the base is repeated. Do not weaken the grip, gradually increase the speed. Thus, it is necessary to achieve a full erection. After achieving it, you need to grab your penis at the base with your index finger and thumb and try to keep blood in your penis. Keeping, thus, the base of the penis with the other hand, it is necessary to grab it near the base of the head, while trying as much as possible to stretch the penis. But there should be no discomfort.

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When the exercise is completed, it is necessary to loosen the grip at the base of the penis. In this case, there should be a sense of how the blood is cast from the penis. Ejaculation is possible at this time. The main thing in this exercise is abundant grease and a strong grip. But it must be remembered that seizure should not disrupt blood circulation.
When performing this exercise, there should be no pain and discomfort. If during the exercise there are feelings of pain or discomfort, you must immediately interrupt the session and re-read the instructions.

Stretching sitting. This exercise is performed at 30-40% of an erection. Stretch the penis as far as possible towards the buttocks. Next, you need to slowly sit on the penis, so that he is in this position also stretched out. The effectiveness of this exercise, unfortunately, we can not confirm.

Jelk exercise. The penis should reach 60-80% of the erection. Fingers of the right hand you need to make a sign “OK” and at the base tightly squeeze the penis. Then slowly “milk” (pull) for 2-3 seconds towards the head. When the head is reached without delay, repeat the same exercise with your left hand. Repeat the movements rhythmically, without touching only the upper part of the head of the penis. Such an exercise will take about 5 minutes or 100 “milking”.

Completion. Proper completion of the training is also of great importance. Massage in combination with heat will help improve the result. The viability of the seed is provided by the testes, maintaining a temperature of 34 degrees. In the course of penis enlargement exercises, there may be problems with sensitivity and nerves, warming up will help to avoid these problems.

After training, we recommend gently massage the penis for a few more minutes. After the massage, you can once again warm the penis. These procedures are aimed at improving blood circulation and better recovery after exercise.

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