Improve Complexion

How To Improve Your Skin

How To Improve A Complexion.

A beautiful and even complexion testifies not only to the health of the skin itself, but also to the whole organism. And very often it happens that waking up in the morning, we notice, looking at ourselves in the mirror some emaciated and tired skin, with a rather unattractive extinct gray or pale shade.

This unpleasant phenomenon can serve a number of reasons, the most common of which is incorrect or insufficient skin care, abuse of harmful habits such as coffee, alcohol, nicotine and others, as well as malnutrition, and poor performance of the gastrointestinal tract.

And further to your attention we offer the 10 most effective ways to help improve the complexion, and keep it that way for a long time.

Of course, in the first way, it will be about facial care, and everything that is connected with this.
Always clean your skin every day in the mornings and evenings. It can be either washing the face with soap or using another cleanser (to whom as best suits), or rubbing the skin with cleansing tonic and lotions.

And even in the event that for the whole day you did not put any decorative cosmetics on your face, you still need to cleanse your face skin in the evening. After being on the street, at home, and in other rooms, you can not avoid settling on the skin of various small dust particles, as well as other its contaminants.

If you regularly use foundation, powder, and other cosmetics, then remember – never and under no circumstances do not go to bed without cleaning all of this skin. Going to bed with makeup on your face, you put your skin under extreme stress, and there’s no question of any improvement in complexion. What else can contaminate the skin is your own hair, which absorbs dirt and dust very well, so try to make sure that your hair touches as little as possible to the skin of the face, especially with regard to long hair.

Also for additional skin cleansing 1-2 times a week, use exfoliating agents called scrubs.
Remember, without sufficient cleansing of the skin, you are unlikely to significantly improve the complexion.

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Even if you are still young, and such a problem as a bad complexion does not bother you, do not forget about regular moisturizing and nourishing the skin. Otherwise, it will certainly affect in the future, as well as on the skin color of the face, and on its condition.

After cleansing, always lubricate the skin with a suitable nutrient or moisturizer, daily, morning and evening.
For additional nutrition and moisturizing the skin, home face masks are well suited, recipes for cooking which you can easily find on our website.

Well, the last rule for improving the complexion can be described as follows: “Everything should be in moderation.” This means that, despite all the above recommendations for facial care, do not overdo it.

Namely, do not put a lot of cream on the face, in order to even more moisturize it. Do not also get involved in scrubs, doing them too often, and while actively massaging the skin, and so on.

The second way that helps improve the complexion is healthy and proper nutrition.
Usually, if we do not sit on diets, we very rarely pay attention to what we eat. In other words, we eat what we want.

But such factors as the incompatibility of products consumed at one time in food, the insufficient use of such useful products as, for example, vegetables and fruits, and also on the contrary, the excess of eaten harmful products such as fried, sweet, various chips, crackers and the like, all this , undoubtedly, is displayed on our complexion.

To improve the complexion, as in other things and much more separate food will help. This means not mixing at one meal incompatible products.

The second rule in order to improve the complexion is the inclusion in your diet of useful foods that are rich in vitamins necessary for our skin, namely:
Fish, which is not only an easily digestible and full-fledged product, but also directly affects the nutrition of the skin, due to the content of nourishing fats and oils in it.

Necessary for the health and beauty of our skin is also a sufficient intake of protein. From meat products it is recommended low-fat and boiled meat of beef, chicken, rabbit, and seafood. Of the other products, this, of course, eggs, as well as raw, and boiled, cheese curd, and also soy protein.


Facial skin also needs vitamins A and E, which contribute to its nutrition and moisturizing, and also prevents its premature aging.

Foods rich in vitamin A are cod, pork, beef and veal liver, butter, eggs, sour cream, milk, cottage cheese, fish such as fatty herring, carp and chum, sturgeon caviar.

Also carrots, young potatoes, spinach, broccoli, pumpkin, tomato, green cabbage and green salad, melon, papaya, plum, apricots, and other yellow fruit.

Foods rich in vitamin E are nuts, sprouted wheat grains, barley, oats, rye and oatmeal, vegetable oils, soybeans, greens, corn and green peas. Still eggs and a liver.
What other products help to improve the complexion are flax, watermelon and melon, beet, carrot and citrus juice.
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If you really want to improve the complexion, it is desirable to completely abandon such harmful foods as all the different canned foods, sweet fizzy drinks, meat products such as sausages and sausages, mayonnaise, margarine and spices, fried foods, and, of course same, chips.

Well, try to limit the intake of salt and sugar. If you stop salting any prepared dish, then a week later you will easily get used to the unsalted taste. Sugar can be replaced with honey, and if you really want a sweet one, you can eat some dark chocolate.

We all know perfectly well that, of course, water is one of the most important elements for maintaining human life. And it is the lack of water in the body directly affects the premature aging of the skin, and of course also its color.

Therefore, to improve the complexion, try to drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water a day, thereby your skin will be regularly moistened, getting enough moisture and from the inside.

The next important element, as for a healthy complexion, and for the full work of all body functions, and in general for vivacity and well-being is fresh air.
If you spend a lot of time working in closed rooms, then keep in mind that the body at this time is poorly enriched with oxygen.

And besides, the air in the rooms is saturated with harmful vapors of various varnishes and paints, and many other toxic substances. And again, all this, of course, leads to an extinct and gray complexion.

After all, for sure many noticed that after enough time in the fresh air, for example on vacation, or just after a walk, the skin of the face acquires a more fresh, ruddy and healthy appearance.
Hence, we conclude that in order to improve the complexion, it is necessary to saturate our skin with oxygen.

Therefore, try to go out as often as possible at every convenient opportunity, even to just take a walk, without any purpose.

No less important for good appearance and maintaining the skin in tone is movement. And even though it seems that the movement only affects the state of our body, but not on the face, it’s not.
After all, traffic still contributes greatly to the improvement of metabolism, and, accordingly, to the purification of the body. And these processes already directly affect the condition of our facial skin. After all, as is known, both inside and outside.

Therefore, do not neglect exercise, and even if you do not have the opportunity to attend fitness clubs, try to at least do exercises in the morning, and move more during the day.
And walking in the fresh air is just a wonderful option for improving the complexion.

No less than movement, our body needs a full rest. And besides, the skin cells are restored and updated at night during sleep.
And if you do not often get enough sleep, you can not doubt that sooner or later it will affect your face color.

Sleep should be given at least 7-8 hours a day, and in order to improve the complexion, go to bed early is recommended, at least no later than 10 pm.

What else greatly affects the deterioration of the color of our facial skin, so it’s such harmful things as cigarettes, alcohol, and even coffee.
So think, do you really need at least the same smoking?

But this is how a person works, that even if he is perfectly aware that this pernicious habit not only does not give him any pluses, but, on the contrary, only minuses, he still continues to smoke. And all this certainly affects, as well as health, and on the color of the face, and on the general state of vivacity and energy.

Increased nervousness and stressful conditions, all this also affects our skin. Conversely, staying in a calm emotional state contributes, as well as improving the complexion, and maintaining the health of the entire body.

Of course, not to worry and not to be nervous in difficult life situations is quite a challenge. But on the other hand, all these states are not only unable to help you solve the problems that have arisen, but only further exacerbate the whole situation.

Therefore, no matter how primitive this advice sounds, but in order to improve the complexion, try to at least somehow control your emotionality.

The ninth and penultimate way to improve the complexion is your smile and good mood.
When you are light and joyful in your soul, all this is reflected not only in the radiant light in your eyes, but also in the pleasant shine of the skin.

After all, almost always, when a person is happy and cheerful, he does not get discontent with his appearance, but on the contrary, he seems to himself and other people cute as never before.

Well, at last we came to the last method, which helps to improve the complexion of the face. And as it is not difficult to guess based on the subject of our site – this, of course, home masks and other folk remedies.

And further on the link you will find recipes for cooking these very masks and other home cosmetics to improve the complexion.

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