A man who is afraid of women is usually afraid of talking to them, of touching them and sometimes even of looking at them

How to seduce a woman without anxiety

The 3 Week DietA man who is afraid of women is usually afraid of talking to them, of touching them and sometimes even of looking at them. The medical expression for this fear is gynophobia. In its extreme form it can even come to a state where you start to hate women, because you are so frustrated and so desperate that you can’t interact with them. Well, this can have a lot of different reasons.

Some leading psychologists say that most men who are afraid of women had one particular negative experience when they were very young, that haunted them their whole life. Others say that unsolved mother issues are the number one cause.
The good news is, if you occasionally get shy around women, you’re not alone. Many people who seem outwardly confident have struggled with shyness in the past.
What most guys do as a result of this anxiety is look for pick-up lines and techniques they can use when they see a woman they are interested in.

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Practical Steps to Eliminate Your Fear of Women
Overcoming this anxiety disorder is a bit more difficult than overcoming your approach anxiety. When you are “only” afraid of approaching women, you are usually not afraid of being in a room with them.

Eye contact. When most guys see a woman, they instantly think that they need to walk up to her right now without even having any eye contactFirst, look at where your fear comes from. The problem is inside of you. It’s not with the chicks. If you’re thinking about rejection, then that means you’re making your approaches with a certain outcome in mind. Try this instead… approach without having any expectations. No goals. Change your mindset. We have started with the mindset of not caring about the opinion of others, but there is another mindset most guys affected by approaching anxiety are convinced of.

Women are warmer people than men. If you walk up to them for whatever reason then they will be okay with it as long as you lay no lame pick-up lines on them and as long as you don’t apply too much pressure by asking them right away for their number or if they want to go out for a drink.

A second option is doing less scary things before talking to a girl or going on the date.

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Examples include : talk to a shop staff member (they always have to be polite), ask directions from people, ask for the time, or just give a compliment to a girl and then walk away. You can also yell in a private or public area and pretend it wasn’t you. A funny one is yelling out penis. This is effective, as it unstifles you psychologically.

Generally, these can be fun to do, but you need to make sure you gradually amping up the actions you are doing, all the way to the point where you are approaching a girl and attempting to have a full conversation, or to the point where you are comfortable enough to be on the date. If you don’t amp up the actions, you will likely still be anxious.

Accept your fear of women. It makes no sense to deny that you are afraid of women when you get a hard attack whenever you are forced to sit next to a girl in your college class, or when you have to speak with the cute cashier in the supermarket.
If the thought of being around women scares the shit out of you, you definitely have a problem that you should work on. Denying this anxiety and talking yourself into believing that everything is okay and that you could have every woman if you would want, won’t help you.

Eye contact. When most guys see a woman, they instantly think that they need to walk up to her right now without even having any eye contact. They completely underestimate the power of non-verbal communication. It’s a great way to create interest in a woman and you don’t even have to say anything. Most guys are too shy to even hold eye contact. Once a woman looks back at them they instantly look to the ground and hope that she didn’t realize that they looked at her.

Mingling. This pertains mainly to nightclubs, as they tend to be areas where there are many people in one area who are stationary. Mingling means to just start talking to anyone and everyone. It entails that you do not have an agenda, and rather are just being social to be social. This is very useful to remove anxiety, as socializing with people actually is a natural remedy for anxiety. If you are going on a date, you can either go in a bar and mingle, or you can meet some friends and just start having a fun conversation for a couple of minutes or an hour.

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Say hello to strangers. Walk up to strangers and just say no more than ‘Hey’ or ‘Hey, how’s it going?’ There is no more you need to do in the beginning, no conversation to be followed.You can start using situations in which it’s normal to do that like in supermarkets, the bank, a bar, restaurant, etc.

Introduce people to other people. Connecting to mingling, another method of removing anxiety is by being the connector, the social guy who is helping others get over their anxiety. You can do this by talking a girl or guy, and then when you see a cute girl pass by, you tap her shoulder and say hi. Then when you have her complete attention, introduce her to the person you were talking to before. You essentially want to create a social circle on the spot.

Have a conversation with strangers. When approaching a woman you don’t know, in most cases she will be a bit reserved (unless she is intoxicated or super-social), so it’s important for you to be smooth. The purpose of small talk is just to break the ice and make her feel comfortable about talking with you.

Have normal conversations with women. Once you are comfortable in places where you are surrounded by women it is time for the next step. Take your courage in both hands and walk up to a girl. Just walk up to her and ask her some really simple question. Ask her if she knows where the nearest post office is, or if she knows when the place you are at closes. Don’t worry about flirting with her. The first hurdle you have to overcome is to walk up to a girl and to talk to her. If you feel confident enough to continue the conversation, you can of course do that. If you start to sweat as soon as she looks at you, you can end the conversation after she answered your question. Do this a couple of times and you’ll see that your fear of women will decrease.

Stop idealizing women. It means, look at their flawless bodies, their amazing breasts, their wonderful asses and their soft skin. If you would ever be able to meet, to kiss and to touch such a goddess, such an angel, you would be the happiest person on earth. It’s really too bad that you are afraid of them. You don’t do yourself a favor by idealizing women. The whole thing is comparable to a fan of a celebrity. Thanks to the fact that he idealizes this person so much, he would start to sweat, to shake and to stutter if he would ever meet him in person. It’s the same with you and women.

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When you see a woman that is so perfectly your type you begin to panic, stop for a moment. Think of something you find hideously unattractive in a woman. Perhaps it’s a big hairy mole on her nose, or a thick moustache, or green and yellow teeth. Look at the girl, close your eyes, and visualize that trait on her. Take your time, and really work the details. Do it until it makes you smile, then snap those eyes open and go.

Give compliments to women. In the next step you can increase the difficulty level. You have talked to a lot of girls and you have realized that the reward for asking a girl a simple question is a smile and an answer. Now it’s time to make a couple of girls happy with some honest compliments. Inhale, exhale and tell the next cute girl you see that you think that she is beautiful. Your knees might shiver and you might sound like goofy on drugs. Force through it and make her smile. You’ll see how happy women are when someone gives them an honest compliment.

Change your perspective. A lot of the root of you anxiety is part biology, large part perspective. Imagine if you knew women wanted you to meet them and were receptive to you, your anxiety would reduce drastically and you would have a higher chance of having the guts to approach them. Perspective is everything, and this is why you need to constantly be aware of how you are thinking about meeting girls in person or on a date. This is critical, as the girl can feel your anxiety when she speaks to you, and anxiety will make her feel anxious.

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Work on Your Confidence. One thing that will definitely help you to get over your anxiety is to work on your confidence. Your self-confidence not only plays an important part in every aspect of dating, it is also a basic requirement for a life without fear. A guy who has zero self-confidence and who freaks out whenever he has to talk to someone, won’t be able to talk to women. A guy who is self-confident and who is able to talk to people will have it a lot easier to take the next step and to talk to girls.

Try these tips out and keep in mind that these tips are about long-term growth, however, can show results immediately when using them. If you are serious about getting better results with women, anxiety is something you must control, so get started and let me know how it goes!

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