How to calculate the winning combination in the lottery

How to Win the Lottery

Many people are worried about the question of what to do in order to get a big win in the lottery? How to accurately purchase and fill a lottery ticket? What is most interesting, the above questions are asked by both experienced players and amateurs.
Lottery Dominator
The main advantage of lotteries is that they do not require anything from a person. To win, you do not need to graduate from university or seek support from outside, there is no need to own a business or be a child from a rich family. To win a prize (both material and monetary), enough faith and a bit of luck. Thanks to the confidence in their success, many people buy tickets in the hope of winning. It should be noted that it is worthwhile to note that it is enough for individual people to try their luck to become the owner of a large sum, and some years wait for the cherished prize, and fate eventually decides to reward them for their patience with victory.

Immediately say that you can win the lottery, of course, and the probability of taking the jackpot is for every player. The probability theory and mathematics with the basics of statistics allow the possibility of winning any lottery ticket at any time. However, in the theory of the game there is also such a thing as distance, and distance is the main obstacle in the way of ordinary players to the desired wealth. In other words, from the moment of waiting for the win to the win itself, a fair amount of time can pass. You can play the lottery day, month, year, ten years – and the probability of winning will always be about the same.

Questions related to the probability of winning the lottery were asked by scientists from many countries around the world. First of all, they were interested in: is it possible to develop a strategy if one assumes that there is an unlimited amount of start-up capital? Is it possible to increase the chance of winning by any action? How realistic, investing without limiting, to receive in the end more than it was initially, having played the cost of tickets for all time?

The fact is that not only mathematical probabilities affect the victory, but also the actions of the player who buys the ticket, makes certain decisions and chooses some numbers.

How to buy a winning lottery ticket
You can not ask friends, acquaintances or neighbors to buy a winning lottery ticket or make a bet for you. Never borrow money to participate in a game of chance. Then the received prize will not need to be shared or discussed with anyone. However, no one forbids to give or receive a lottery ticket, as such a gift can bring additional luck. And be sure to choose an honest game where you will have a good chance of becoming a winner.
How to buy a winning lottery ticketThe number of the month and the day of the week in which you buy a lottery ticket are of great importance. If you want to win, it’s better to buy a lottery ticket the day that corresponds to your birthday. If we talk about the days of the week, then the happy days before lunch – Monday and Tuesday, and Saturday and Sunday – from lunch to evening.
When you buy a ticket, you should be dressed in a special way. The clothes should not be red and yellow. It is better to wear everything black or dark, even the underwear should be dark. Strips, cages, peas, colorful drawing scare away luck. Do not wear anything new. From jewelry, you can afford a silver chain or pendant. Gold should not be in any case. It’s nice to pin the pin down to the inside of the collar.

How to calculate the winning combination in the lottery
A true winner will never bet on popular numbers, since in case of a prize, the prize will have to be shared with thousands of people. Even having broken the jackpot in 10 million, provided that you bet on numbers from 1 to 7, you will get only a miserable ten-twenty thousand because of the excessively large number of winners.

Although here you yourself must decide priorities and choose what is more important for you: to get more chances to win with a small jackpot or to strive to win at the maximum.
Often people choose numbers that make up all geometric figures on the ticket grid, as well as letters of the alphabet. Numbers from 1 to 9 are most in demand. Popular are considered such round numbers, as 5, 10, 15, 20 and so on. Also, quite often bet on numbers that are multiples of seven. This is 7.14, 21.28 and so to the number 49.
Some players like to mark the numbers on the game board of the ticket in the form of a certain letter of the alphabet or figure.

Create friendly syndicates: the more bets, the more chances.
A lottery syndicate is a group of people buying lottery tickets in a fold and distributing the resulting winnings in proportion to the contributed shares. This allows you to make larger bets, leaving the costs of each participant within accessible limits. And the bigger the bet, the higher the probability of winning and the clearer the answer to the question “how to win the lottery?” The syndicate can buy a large number of tickets, play with large deployed bets or make high-value bets – choose numbers automatically, or in the process of lively discussions, or trusting the choice of one, the most discerning of the participants.

Important! Winnings on syndicated tickets are paid only to the requisites of one participant, so carefully choose the people with whom you enter into syndicates. If they win, they should justify your trust 100%!

Statistics of results of circulations is an interesting tool that will help you win more often.
When choosing the numbers you want to justify facts, not feelings, use statistics of runs. How to get it? Write in the notebook (or save in a separate file) the winning combinations of each of the runs. Experienced fans of lotteries keep track of the number of drops of each number in the circulation, keep statistics on the number of even and odd, “hot” and “cold” numbers. In addition, there are interesting statistics on the counting of runs, in which the balls fall sequentially one after another or numbers, which for some reason often fall out in pairs.
How to win a million in the lottery
The strategy of playing a game for each person develops its own depending on the extent to which he is more lucky. Some believe that after the first win, you need to gradually increase the stakes. Others prefer the theory of activating their activity in certain periods of life, when luck smiles more readily. We will give such advice:
Set a solid monthly limit on the funds that you are willing to spend on the lottery;
Observe terms, rules of the game and double-check information about your winnings in several sources;
Treat the game calmly and assuredly, without fanaticism and extremes.

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