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Why Is It Important To Remember That Money Is A Tool, Not A Goal

Money is just a tool, and knowing it will help you take your finances under control.

Why is this approach useful?

It facilitates planning

It is not so easy to calculate your costs and plan your budget when the very word “money” causes you fear and anxiety. If the figures at the end of the month never converge, you will simply stop trying to keep track of your expenses and incomes. But you should think about money as an instrument, how you can focus on solving the problem, not on emotions.

Everything starts with an important goal for you. Money in itself is not the goal. You need to know what you want to spend it on. To feed a family? Pay with debts or cover medical expenses? Travel? When you know your goal, you can plan and spend the money necessary to achieve it. For example:

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Sell ​​something to save for a rainy day.
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Look for another job, because now you are not so scared to leave the unloved place.

Relieves the guilt of buying

It is better to spend one time on quality things than often buy cheap. For example, scientists from the University of Michigan for seven years tracked the purchase of toilet paper in 100 000 American families. It turned out that families with higher incomes bought paper at a discount in 39% of cases, and families with low incomes – only in 28%. The first also on average bought more rolls. It turned out, families with lower income paid for a roll about 6% more.

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How to change your attitude to money?

The main thing is to learn how to use the means so that you can live the life that you want. Here are some practical tips.

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Decide what is important to you

Since money is not a goal, you need to know what your goals are. That’s why many financial planners start working with the client on the one and only question “why?”. When you know the answer, all your financial decisions are made in accordance with the goal.

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Define your priorities

It is also very useful to make a list of spending that gives you the most pleasure. This will also help control costs. For example, you like to dine in a cafe and visit a family or friends living in another city. By prioritizing, you can decide what costs to cut.

Move gradually

When you have a very low income, changing the attitude towards money is especially difficult. Any goal in comparison with income will seem unattainable. Therefore, break your goal into small steps. For example, if you need to pay a loan, do not think about the entire amount, but about payments for a month or even a week. So the amount will not seem completely unflappable.

It will be easier for you to pay it and feel that you are in control of the situation.


For most of us, money means more than they really are. They remind us of what we lack. About what we can not afford. But after all, money is essentially just an instrument. Try and treat them as an instrument. Of course, this will not change your financial situation in one day, but only in this way will you begin to control your finances.

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