Inner Beauty

Inner Beauty

Inner Beauty.

Beauty means much more than just a beautiful face and figure. So if you want to improve your appearance, focus on your inner state.

Attraction, charm and liveliness

these qualities can only be acquired as a result of something much more important than the oval face or the color of your hair. Clothing, cosmetics, diet and exercise (fitness) – all this matters only to form a beautiful appearance, but the main role is played by inner beauty.

This truly priceless element of beauty is fundamental, timeless and other factors affecting your appearance. If inside of you is “burning” spiritual fire, then it manifests itself and externally – in your dazzling smile, in your brilliant eyes.

If it is difficult for us to understand and accept the concept of inner beauty, try to imagine a person who does not have it: it is a man without a spark, with an expressionless face, with a strained smile, with an absent or almost absent aura, without inspiration.

In life there are many men and women who could be considered physically unattractive, if not for their inner beauty. I remember one such man – a fat man whose charm and lust for life made him a wonderful Adonis, many women could not resist him. Another example is an ordinary woman whose shining, radiant eyes and a friendly smiling face gave her natural beauty.

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But before you want to give up make-up and say a thank-you prayer to inner beauty, let us remind you that this does not mean that you can neglect your appearance. Treat this as a car – a material object that you would like to see polished, regularly serviced and which you could be proud of.

However, remember that the most important thing is the engine and the person driving the car. Therefore, keep apart from the appearance and your inner “fire”, and you really will personify a spiritually beautiful person, and even a beautiful appearance.

Happiness is equal to beauty

The state of happiness has a powerful effect on your external beauty through the beauty of the inner. A happy person is always beautiful from the inside. Unhappy woman, she will never feel beautiful.
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Beauty comes from within. A woman makes beautiful not the color of her eyes, but female warmth and her individuality. The misfortune ultimately reflects on her face and on his expression.

A truly handsome man is one in whose heart there is kindness and human warmth, who is considerate and generous. Opposite qualities can be considered envy, anger, jealousy, ill-will. Negative feelings and emotions will not only harden your soul, but will also disfigure your appearance.

Try to feel happy as much as possible; try to do what would help a good mood: listen to music, laugh, watch good, good films and spend your free time with your best friends. Happiness brings thoughts into order and smoothes your face.

You will notice – when you are happy, your wrinkles disappear, because you no longer frown, and your face acquires a softer expression. Remember that a person’s happy state is much more effective than the most expensive cosmetics.

Beauty is an attitude to life

You can chew a salad like a rabbit; say no to cigarettes and meditate as well as any Buddhist.

But there is one component of beauty that is difficult to master. This is sanity. You feel young, and your sanity tells you that you are old. You are told that you are attractive, but your mind does not accept it.

Such destructive thoughts turn into self-criticism, which can lead to low self-esteem. Healthy thoughts are associated with inner beauty and are also important for the positive shaping of your image and self-confidence.

Therefore, work on yourself, drive away any negative thoughts from you, think more often about positive things and you will soon discover that your mind and body have come to harmony.


Be energetic and show interest in life!
One of the right ways to expand our inner world is to show a keen interest in others and everything that happens around you: to political events in the country, to your work, to your city, to your friends.

And regardless of whether it will be everyday everyday life or something more exciting, be energetic in everything you do, and then the expression of your face will always be alive. Life, warmth and beauty come from everyone who shows a genuine interest in life.


A state of love and a smile on your face make it simple miracles, you will transform your appearance and lose years. The smile is incredibly contagious and usually bribes people. A kind expression and a smile can make even the most ordinary person beautiful.

But remember that there is a huge difference between a natural smile coming from the heart, and the appearance of a smile, taut and insincere.

Let your eyes shine!

Eyes illuminate the face. In literature, they are often called the “mirror of the soul.” They reveal the depth of your thoughts, feelings, emotions. Notice how the eyes of people glisten when they are full of energy, and how they fade if the person is sad.

No cosmetic pencil, no shadow or mascara will be able to give the eyes a natural shine, as inner beauty can do. Brilliant eyes make your face lively and natural, so look people straight in the eyes, “talk” with your own eyes and, most importantly, smile with your eyes.

Make free rubber of your body!

Internal beauty (or lack thereof) is manifested in everything, not only in the expression of the face, but also in the movements of the body, and the manner of holding and gesticulating. If your body is hunched up, bound, if your hands are restless and tense, then you will look gross and awkward and will not let your inner beauty come out.
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Set a goal to relax your body. Follow your posture, so that your shoulders and back do not slouch: relax, shake your legs and arms, shrug your shoulders.

Do not be possessed!

The obsession with doing physical exercises or counting calories, as well as an overly strict program of performing cosmetic procedures, can extinguish your internal “fire.” Do not be too preoccupied with your appearance, otherwise the matter will end with the fact that you will deceive yourself and others.

From time to time you can violate your regime: at the end of the week with an appetite eat the tile of your favorite chocolate; on a day off, skip physical exercise; intentionally forget to apply your supercream against aging.

Improve yourself as a person!

Feeling yourself as a person plays a crucial role in creating inner beauty. It is often said that some beautiful people rely only on their appearance to find friends, work, partners, etc. However, the beautiful appearance is not eternal, and the empty beauty can one day suddenly disappear.

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