Inspiring Stories to Believe in Humankind

Inspiring Stories to Believe in Humankind

Inspiring Stories to Believe in Humankind

Life is more interesting than any work of fiction.

Every day strange and incredible things happen to each one of us. It is often impossible to remain indifferent to the twists and turns that the future holds, and the Internet has become the great vehicle to know what is most impressive with each of us every day.

All sorts of stories can be found: sad, cheerful, inspiring, difficult. Today, let’s share some inspiring events that made the lives of their authors more cheerful and fun. If you have some beautiful story you want to tell, share it with us.Inspiring Stories to Believe in Humankind

About Kindness

We were strolling through a port. Suddenly we heard a low, almost inaudible cry. A kitten had fallen into the water and, to save itself, had climbed on a rock. Any wave, however small, was capable of knocking him down, and the chances of survival were very low. I looked at my boyfriend hoping he had some idea and did something, but he did not seem to want to stop, after all, we had a reserved table and friends who were waiting for us in a restaurant. I jumped into the water, went to the rock, and picked up the little cat. People who passed by helped me up the harbor.

My boyfriend, annoyed, said that I had made my choice, and left. Yes, I made my choice the moment I jumped in the cold water. And I’m ready for a new relationship. Thank you, kitten, you made me see that I was in the wrong relationship.

Not long ago I saw my husband, with whom I have been married for 7 years, in a way I had never seen. In the queue at a butcher’s shop, he saw how an old lady bought chicken bones for a soup. She asked if the seller could put some bone with meat, and whispered, “At least today I can eat some meat.” My husband waited his turn, bought several pounds of meat, ran to the lady and gave everything to her. Once again I verified that the choice I made 7 years ago was the best of my life.
Inspiring Stories to Believe in Humankind
Today, inside the subway, I saw a girl with a jacket. Her belly looked larger than normal, maybe she was pregnant. I got up and offered my place. She sat down, unbuttoned her jacket, looked me in the eye and smiled. From inside came the head of a cat. They both looked at me happily and I smiled back.

About failure

Many people are dyslexic and get confused when pronouncing words correctly, this happens very often and that’s okay. But calling my Labrador from ‘Dumbledore’ (Harry Potter character) already seems to me exaggerated.

Inspiring Stories to Believe in Humankind

I was selling a lot and I wanted to cross the street. I waited for the green light and started walking while answering some Whatsapps. Suddenly, everything went black, total darkness. It all started spinning and I thought I had gone blind. It was just a black bag that had covered my face. Yes, a black bag that flew up to my face and made me dizzy, dancing like a dancer in the middle of the avenue.

About family

Inspiring Stories to Believe in Humankind
This woman surprises me, motivates me and inspires me. Every morning she gets up an hour before everyone else, goes out to run, exercises, comes back, takes a cold shower, and makes breakfast for everyone. My grandmother is 72 years old.

I was coming back from university and it was late. It was very cold, it rained, the battery of my cell phone was over, the world seemed my enemy. I got off the bus and at that point I saw my mother with two umbrellas in her hand. She saw it began to rain, did not know if I had taken mine, could not call me and came to wait for me at the bus stop. He waited for me for an hour and a half, his heart aching. Take good care of your mothers!

I was walking down the street on a wonderful day: the sunshine warmed me and the birds sang. Out of nowhere, I saw a 5 year old boy skating and I realized he was going to hit me. He had already begun to pray when, at the last moment, little Schumacher swerved and hit a fence. His mother ran to him, who said, “It’s okay, the important thing is I did not hurt the girl.”

My grandmother inherited a huge cookbook that is a kind of family heirloom. It’s a very old book, you can barely read anything, but it teaches absolutely everything: from how to prepare goose meat to a vitamin that lifts the dead. I can not recreate the recipes to the letter, but I swear I try. If I read “talk to the bread,” I speak to the bread, and I am no witch.

About love

I’ve been living with my boyfriend for a year. He does not hug me and does not kiss me if there is no special reason. She is a reserved person and very unromantic. Today, my leg is operated and I can not walk. The house is clean, he bought a special table to put next to the bed, prepares breakfast every day, prepares lunch, dinner, washes dishes and changes my dressings. Really, the flowers are not so important.
Inspiring Stories to Believe in Humankind
I began to wonder why I never argued with my husband. It was then that I remembered all the stories that my friends told me about how their problems always start with small things. I looked around me: socks and t-shirts thrown on the floor, crumbs of food on the table, cups to wash, and packages of candy opened. On the rug, a ball of cat hair, a pair of jeans hanging from the chair. And none of that makes me go crazy, like my friends do. We are, my husband and I, lying on the sofa, watching our favorite series. Yeah, we’re two happy little pigs, so what?

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