How to Install a Suspended Treadmill

There are a lot of people who trembles at the base when it comes to installing a clothesline, right? It is so much rope, knot and measures that we end up appealing and doing some trick to extend the clothes.
Thinking about it, a company has launched a model of clothesline that, besides being beautiful and resistant, is easy to install and even easier to use on a day to day basis. To do the installation, just follow the step by step:

Installation Location:

Check where the clothesline will be installed (ceiling or wall)
Check where the rope handling will be (it can not be installed under the clothesline!)
Untie the clothesline and leave the rods tied (red tape)

Wall fixing:

Screw the French hand on the clothesline by checking the side that will be installed handling the clothesline.
Mark the wall using the drilling drill.
Add 1 cm on the length of the clothesline.
Use 8mm bushings and hex bolts to secure the clothesline.
Fit the Latch
Unstrap the rods

Hinge Clamp Attachment:

Mark where the support of the rings will be fixed. It should be 165cm off the ground.
With a 6mm drill bit, fasten the hoop brackets to the desired height.
Adjust the support rod of the rings by leaving each 10 cm away from the pulleys. Finish with a knot.
You can cut the excess rope and burn the ends to finish.
Use the handle to handle the clothesline.

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