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Revealing Keto Diet. What foods can I eat?

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To date, keto-diet is one of the most popular because of its high efficiency. During this Keto Diet, you can stick to a certain caloric intake, but at the same time keep muscle mass. Metabolism with such nutrition improves, and fats are burned. The body begins to work on the basis of burned fat deposits and at the expense of energy from the incoming fats.

Normal work of the human body depends on the intake of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Any of the components is important. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy, they quickly dissolve in the stomach and are absorbed in the body. When carbohydrates from the external environment is not enough, the body begins to independently develop analogues of glucose, which are called ketones.
They are formed at the time of oxidation of fatty acids. And the latter, in turn, are taken from the subcutaneous fat. The essence of the ketone diet is to reduce the amount of carbohydrates consumed to start the processes of incineration of the body by itself.

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When choosing such a diet, it will be necessary to monitor the amount of consumed fats and proteins, so that the caloric content of low-carbohydrate nutrition does not become a critical value.

White and black lists of products in compliance with the keto diet

With a keto diet, you can make an extensive and even varied diet. The white list of products includes:

1. Meat products. These include poultry meat, pork and beef. You can even eat skins from chicken.
2. Seafood, including shrimp, squid, salmon, herring. You can eat and other fatty fish, but without breading.
3. Eggs that can be eaten in any form.
4. Useful fats. It is meant that you can use vegetable or olive oil for cooking. The omega-3 and 6 fats included in the diet will benefit.
5. Green vegetables and herbs, including lettuce, cabbage, asparagus and others.
6. Dairy products: butter, sour cream, fat cheeses and 40 percent cream.
7. Nuts are no exception for the ketone diet.
8. Berries – they are beneficial for the body, but their number should be moderate.

The list of products can be expanded, but it is worth choosing the ones in which the ratio of carbohydrates is not more than 6%. The use of ordinary drinking water in large quantities, as well as green tea, will benefit.
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Exclude from their diet those products:

1. Sugar in any of its manifestations.
2. Products with a high content of starch – this is potatoes, bread, pasta, rice.
3. Carbonated drinks, sweet bars, chocolate, ice cream, buns – all the popular similar products are the main enemies in the diet.
4. Margarine – this product in principle does not belong to a healthy diet and is not appropriate for any diet.
5. Beer contains many quickly digestible carbohydrates.
6. Fruits that contain a lot of sugar, you need to exclude. Among them are mandarins, grapes, bananas, mangoes.
7. Some vegetables, such as beets or carrots, are also on the forbidden list of foods.

Vegetables and fruits, free to use: all greens and salads, kohlrabi, radish, cucumbers, celery, zucchini, lemon, lime.

Minimum to eat: nightshade (tomato, eggplant, bell pepper), root vegetables (onion, garlic, mushrooms, pumpkin), cabbage, berries, coconut, olives.

Completely eliminate from Keto Diet:

apricots, peaches, grapefruit, kiwi, nectarines, apples, pears, sweet cherries, oranges, fresh figs, all tropical fruits (pineapple, mango, papaya, bananas and so on), dried fruits, potatoes.

Nuts and Seeds: use with food, but not in the form of a snack.
Fat / low carbohydrate: makademia, brazil nut, pecan.
Fat / medium carbohydrate: walnut, almonds, hazelnut, pine nuts, peanuts (although not a nut), sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, flax seeds, cannabis seeds, pumpkin seeds.
With a high amount of carbohydrates: pistachios, cashews – the minimum amount (literally 2-3 pieces per day) or even remove.

Permitted Beverages: water, bone and chicken broth, coconut water, coconut milk, almond milk, coffee, tea, alcohol (only strong).

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