Benefits And Harms Of Kisses

Kisses – Benefits And Harms Of Kisses For Women And Men

Kisses – Benefits And Harms Of Kisses For Women And Men

Natural Beauty ProductWith the help of kisses express their emotions and romantic feelings of representatives of 90% of all cultures that exist on our planet. Perhaps, it was this popularity of kisses that made the scientists study the impact on the human body.

Today there is even a whole science about them. Scientists of this industry managed to reveal many interesting facts about kisses. It turns out that they not only affect the emotional state, but also affect health.

Benefits of Kissing for WomenThe Benefits of Kisses for Women

It is generally accepted that women like to kiss more than men and use kisses to express feelings and emotions much more often than the strong half of humanity. The benefits of kissing for the fair sex are very high.

It consists of the following:

Weight loss.

With a passionate kiss that lasts at least twenty seconds, metabolism is accelerated twice and calories burned. If such contact lasts a minute or more, you will spend as much energy as when running at 500 m. Well, with a simple kiss on the cheek, you can burn five calories. Perhaps, that’s why many lovers are losing weight rapidly.

Prevention of stress.

With a kiss, reactions that lower the level of cortisol (a stress hormone) are triggered, along with this, the production of oxytocin, called the hormone of family happiness and love, is accelerated. Such contact eliminates nervous tension and increases stress resistance. Scientists have noticed that people who love passionate kisses are more cheerful than others, it is easier for them to achieve professional and personal success. It is worth noting that oxytocin produces the body of every person, however, this substance has a particular effect on women.Secret Obsession

Stabilization of the psycho emotional state of the pregnant woman

It’s no secret that during pregnancy, women suffer from mood swings, and some even fall into depression. Regular kisses will help to avoid this. In addition, before such a contact recedes cytomegalovirus, which is especially dangerous for pregnant women.

Increase sexual desire.

In the square centimeter of the lips there are about two hundred nerve endings. This makes them very sensitive, and explains the pleasure obtained by kissing. Accompanying the kisses of sexual contacts allows you to keep emotional sensuality for many years. In addition, the saliva contains the substance androsterone, which enhances the love desire.

Renewal of youth and improvement of appearance.

A kiss with a man on the lips involves about 39 muscles of the face. It not only trains them, but also improves blood supply in the cells of the skin. That is why a kiss is a kind of gymnastics that prevents the development of wrinkles and slows down aging.

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Prophylaxis of diseases of teeth and gums.

At a kiss there is an active development of a saliva containing a lot of calcium and phosphorus, which strengthen tooth enamel. In addition, saliva neutralizes acidity in the mouth and removes plaque from the teeth. Saliva also contains natural antibiotics that reduce inflammation and improve wound healing in the oral cavity.Pure Reiki Healing Master

Increased immunity.

At a kiss in an organism of the person “strangers” bacteria which cause synthesis of antibodies get. Thus, there is a cross-immunization. Therefore, people who often kiss, are less likely to get sick.

Training of the lungs.

When the kiss increases the frequency and depth of breathing, due to this, cells are supplied with oxygen better. With long kisses, many hold their breath, which is a kind of gymnastics for the lungs, as it tones them well.


During the kiss people start to develop endorphin, which has an analgesic effect.

Prevention of stroke and heart attack. With a kiss, the heart often contracts, it improves blood flow, and, consequently, blood supply of all systems and organs. Regular kisses are an excellent exercise for the heart and blood vessels, normalize blood pressure.

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Benefits of Kissing for MenThe Benefits of Kissing for Men

For men, kissing is useful, as for the weaker sex. A passionate kiss of a woman inflames desire, makes a man’s body mobilize. Kisses add confidence to men, help in achieving the desired.

Scientists managed to prove that during them the same reactions occur as in extreme sports – the adrenaline rises, which increases physical and mental activity.

Another proven fact is that men who constantly kiss their wives in the morning before work, live longer than those who do not do this for about 5 years.

This feature was explained scientifically. The main cause of premature aging in men is called stress. Male body they wear out much faster than female, because the female sex is more stress-resistant. Stresses are accompanied by oxygen starvation, give the chance to accumulate in the body free radicals, which destroy it from the inside.

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It turns out that when the kiss is irritated mucous lips and tongue, containing a lot of branched nerve endings. From them with enormous speed to the nerve cells impulses are transmitted, in turn the nerve cells throw adrenaline and endorphins into the blood.

The first causes a spasm of the peripheral vessels, raises the pressure, the heart emits a portion of blood that delivers oxygen to the cells and tissues. Endorphins lower the threshold of sensitivity in neurons of the brain, which causes a feeling of comfort and relaxation, prevents stress.

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Together, all this slows down the aging process, and therefore, prolongs youth. This effect will be achieved, even if the girlfriend kissed the first. Therefore, as often as possible, kiss your loved ones, and you will live together long in love and harmony.

In general, on the male sex, kisses affect the way that women do. They allow to strengthen immunity, improve the condition of blood vessels and heart, train the lungs, reduce pain and strengthen immunity.

Couple kissingHarm to kisses for women

For the fairer sex, a kiss is the most important criterion by which they evaluate a partner. The first kiss with a man on the lips may well be the last, and even if the lady was in love with him for a long time. In this matter, women are much more discriminating than representatives of the stronger sex.

According to research, about half of the girls, first kissing a man who had feelings for more than a month, almost immediately cooled to him. Factors that can affect feelings include taste in the mouth, the ability to kiss, bad teeth, smell from the mouth.

Some explained the cooling to the former subject of passion by the lack of chemistry.The Penguin Method

According to scientists, in just ten seconds of kissing, partners exchange eighty million bacteria. Kissing, people other than harmless bacteria can transmit to each other and harmful, which are the causative agents of various diseases. This is the main harm of kisses.

What kind of diseases can you indulge in while kissing?

First of all – it’s flu and angina.
Inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity, for example, stomatitis;
Kissing, a person can get infected with such serious illnesses as hepatitis, herpes or tuberculosis. True, infection with herpes or hepatitis B is possible only if the carrier of the disease has wound in the mouth.
In the presence of sores or wounds in the oral cavity, the risk of “catching” chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis significantly increases. Some researchers believe that this way you can get infected even with AIDS.
More recently, scientists have found that a kiss can transmit and stomach ulcers. The carrier of this disease is the Helicobacter.
The probability for a kiss to “pick up” mononucleosis is high. It is even often called the disease of kisses. This disease is caused by a virus that spreads through the saliva.

Harm to kisses for men

Mostly to men, kisses can do the same harm as women. Kissing, they can get infected with the same infections, and later become ill. In addition, it turns out that kissing a woman who has lips painted, can sometimes be life-threatening.

American consumers’ fighters found that in the lipstick of some brands, and quite popular, contains lead, which when ingested in large quantities can be detrimental to health.

Another bad kiss can cause parting. If you believe the statistics, about 60% of men broke up with their partners because of their poor kissing.

Of course, you can not take a kiss, something terrible, something that can harm the body. Yet it is very pleasant and, as we found out, a very useful activity, helping to express your feelings. To avoid unpleasant consequences, just follow the basic rules of hygiene and kiss only with a regular partner.

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