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Learn To Flirt With A Guy

Not every girl knows how to flirt and does not even know how to do it: flirting with a guy is a special art that requires not simple theoretical knowledge, but also the connection of some so-called female “tricks”.

The special properties of women include the ability to please, seduce, flirt and enchant.

In principle, in every woman these qualities are inherent in nature, you just need to skillfully and in time reveal them in yourself.

Still, how is it right to flirt with a guy, so that in the end it will bear fruit? Let’s deal with it.
Show your interest.

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Alas, the guys are far from clairvoyant and, unlike us, women, absolutely do not have intuition (by the way, that’s why they do not recognize ours, but they replace it with a simple word “croaked”), so to start show your interest in his person. Only before that you decided what you are going to flirt with a guy, because the ways of “playing” depend on it.

If you want to just relax a little and have fun, then you can not try hard, he’ll bite, but if you are waiting for the development of any relationship, then you’ll have to try a little more.

So, in order to show your interest, use the following tips.

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Show him a look.

A look is the main weapon for women, against which it is very difficult to resist. No wonder they say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. A look can be said much more than words. You can not fool him and you will not fool around him. He will always catch everything and understand, every detail, every little thing.

That is why eye contact is the first step on the road to success, if you decided to attract the attention of some young man.

A casual phrase.

If a spark has already run between you, then special ceremonies for acquaintance will not be required. It will be enough for one phrase, it does not matter, with your or his side. For example, “I see that you are bored. Can I join you?”, Etc.

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Touch him.

Skillful flirting is the ability to properly present yourself and show all your dignity, both internal and external. If you made the first pleasant impression on the guy (you will understand this), then any of your “casual” touches will be burning and desired for him. Try, as if by chance, lightly touch his hand, the edge of clothes, face, hair. You will feel the effect right away: it will strike you like an electric current, which means that the victory is close.

Play with words.

Flirting is not suitable for boring conversations about the weather and the exchange rate. Also, there should not be awkward pauses, unless waiting. Change the topic of conversation more often, confuse the interlocutor in the interweaving of your thoughts and words. Behave yourself playfully, a little cheeky and bold. Succinct jokes, but not to the address of a young man, and inserted as if just so. Most likely, he will behave as well, so do not let him descend. Do not be embarrassed or redder than his phrases with a hint that will necessarily follow, always respond confidently, but evasively.

Do it so that you get the impression that you yourself “came” to him in the hands and now gradually “elude”, and he will not catch you if you do not want it.
I assure you, the guy can not resist such a girl. And again: do not be a botanist, you do not need to wrap too smart phrases, it will quickly bore him. Leave such lectures for another, more appropriate, case.


The second female weapon is a smile. A smiling girl always attracts the interested views of young people, because she has a positive and a good mood from her. Of course, after all, a person in a “depressu” will not smile, and his face, agree, is not very pleasant to look at.

And imagine: a beautiful girl comes up to the guy, smiles in all 33 teeth (or 32, who as if only no less), her eyes emit light and give out a playful mood. Yes, any guy will immediately be on the alert!

Demonstrate your sexuality.

If you took the matter seriously and want to flirt with the guy effectively, then it’s time to show yourself in all its glory (no, baby, I did not think about anything, and you?). Remember, you are a goddess, so it would be nice to fill up the collection of your fans and admirers.

I’m sure that all parts of your body deserve five points on a five-point scale, but still focus only on some of them, the most exciting of any potential boyfriend.
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I give a hint: hair, wrists, neck, chin and décolletage.
It’s on these parts of the body that guys usually hold their gaze when you touch them. Try to play a game of bait, touch, for example, to the wrist, while demonstrating the fragility of his hand. Believe me, this will lead him. In general, experiment!

Beautiful parting.

If you do not have any far-reaching plans for this evening regarding a new friend, then it’s time to say good-bye. You can give a phone number on your own, and so that a little puzzle remains.

Flirting with a guy you know

If you are familiar with the guy with whom you are going to flirt, then one problem becomes less. To implement your invention, you will also need a meaningful look, a radiant smile, charming hands, legs, etc., a sharp tongue plus a bit of flattery and flattery.

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Surely, you know the “Achilles’ heel” of a familiar young man, so take advantage of this knowledge. Perhaps he is engaged in some kind of sport. So make a compliment about his excellent physical form, they say, other guys you know him are far away. If you do not know all of his “chips”, then use a weapon called “flattery”, which 100% works always and everywhere. Talk to the person with a bunch of pleasant things, but do not overdo it, yet to do compliments is the privilege of the male representatives, with rare exceptions, when a woman needs it.

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