Sexual Compatibility

Leo Fantastic Sexual Compatibility

Leo Fantastic Sexual Compatibility

The lion likes to show himself in all spheres of life, including in bed. You can be sure that all or almost all know about seduction. In his bedroom, for sure, is a luxurious comfortable bed, and the lighting is carefully thought out. Perhaps, Leo can not be called a temperamental or inventive lover, but he will do everything possible to look like this. In any case, in the sexual arsenal of Leo there are always some spectacular techniques with which he can surprise you pleasantly.

How to satisfy Leo

First of all, flatter them often. Making love, Leo draws time, enjoying. They adore when they are caressed, kiss and say gentle flattery. Women of this sign want to listen that their face is the face of an angel, that their body is beautiful, that their presence ignites anyone. The Leo male also likes flattery. His mistresses get a lot more if they talk about his manhood and assure him that they did not love anyone so much before, even if that’s not true. And indeed, the Lions can not stand the thought of rivals, their partners must be groomed and tightened. Women of this sign should not spare their wardrobe to create a seductive, feminine image. Anyone who wants to attract Leo, should make efforts to create the appropriate atmosphere, because luxury, intimacy, pleasant music weakens the resistance of the most stubborn Leo.

Best partners

Up to 30 years of the best partners Leo should be sought among the people of signs Aries and Strelets. All three are fire signs. And in these years they are very independent and act on an objective, impartial basis.

After 30 years, the Lions begin to strive for a more sedentary life, more warm relations and become more practical. At this time they can be compatible with the sign of Kozepog, who, under the guise of a king, can also sit on the throne together with Leo, even if Kozepog is seldom so cultured, pious and admirable. The Lion can also be compatible with the Twins after 41.5 years, who fascinate Leo with his brilliant intelligence.

After 40 years, the Lions have already spiritually developed, become less vain, eccentric and have reached the peak of their intellectual development. Now they find compatibility with the signs of Libra and Scorpio. The combination of “Libra-Lion” – the famous astrological duo. Since Libra always tries to please and Lions also want to be catered for, together they make up a successful and happy couple “master-master”. The combination of “Scorpio-Lion” is possible only among highly developed types. But when it meets – osteregaytes! Here is the real power, intellect, creative connection – empator and empire, not just corals and corals!


Assessment of fidelity

Of all the astrological signs, perhaps the Leo is the most faithful. In the young years, Lions are warm and faithful friends. At the very least, as they mature, they become extremely faithful and ppedannymi.

In suppuzhestve their validity is different under the condition that their supporters are lower, go one step behind and rarely challenge their general concept (shape) of themselves. And never humiliate the Lion in society. For them, it is so important that others think of them, that they can quickly grow up with a supporter who always confuses them before people and family. Lions can even violate the power of those who criticize them ahead of goods for work.

For the Lion there will always be indissoluble love and sex. And if you intend to take sauce with Leo later than he or she will want, then your relationship will quickly end. Relationships without sex are not interesting to the Lion. Sexual compatibility of the Lion with different signs depends on the elements and on how much the partner will agree to his “games”. The lion only plays by his own rules. But do not think that Leo is only interested in sex, they are very romantic. After studying the sexual compatibility of Leo, you can make clear conclusions about how to behave with him in an intimate life.

Sexual compatibility Lion and Aries:

Sex is the unifying beginning for this couple. They attract each other eccentricity of their passionate natures. The union of two born leaders is often overshadowed by quarrels arising from attempts by each partner to take the lead. But the power of mutual attraction ultimately conquers these contradictions, and the partners enjoy a perfect connection or a happy marriage.
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Sexual compatibility Leo and Taurus:

The beginning of relations is marked by tenderness and romanticism. Partners are not bad in each other’s bed, but the exalted nature of Leo will quite perceptibly irritate the balanced and calm Taurus, and the generosity of Leo will be offended by the economical and prudentness of the partner. Both are characterized by excessive stubbornness, and confrontation can lead to a real war. Communication is possible, but for marriage it is not the best option.

Sexual compatibility Leo and Gemini:

The stronger Leo from the very beginning of the relationship is the leader in this pair. The only problem is the windiness of Gemini. The lion will not tolerate betrayals, and the Gemini will have to apply all his charm and courtesy in order to preserve the relationship. A harmonious connection and a successful marriage are enough.

Sexual Compatibility Leo and Cancer:

Leo is more frivolous than Cancer, refers to these relationships. Cancer is not enough communication without obligations, it is more focused on feelings and stability. The lion will go to meet the desires of the partner, if in return he will receive adoration and confirmation of his exclusivity. If Cancer is not ready to give it to him, the relationship is unlikely to last long.

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Sexual compatibility Leo and Leo:

A union of two royal persons, each of whom is accustomed to the world revolving around him. The problem is only one thing: to learn to give way to another palm tree of primacy. After all, the existence of the king implies the presence of the queen and vice versa. If the partners cope with this task, then the excellent sexual compatibility and romanticism of both partners will make this union a source of joy and enjoyment.

Sexual compatibility Leo and Virgo:

The difference of temperaments will become a source of problems in the bedroom. Conservative Virgo does not accept the royal manners of Leo, and his habit of commanding will cause her irritation. The Virgo’s attempts to criticize Leo will invariably encounter an angry rebuff. Communication is unlikely to last long, and marriage is unlikely.

Sexual Compatibility Leo and Libra:

They can be good together, although the attitude of Leo to sex is more simple and less earthly. To live together, Libra should not forget to give the Leo the signs of reverence and admiration, and Leo needs to learn how to manage his emotions. If these conditions are met, the connection will be long and stable.

Sexual compatibility Lion and Scorpio:

Sex in a romantic setting will reconcile the opposing sides and will allow for a time to forget about the problems that this pair has a lot. Everyone in this union wants to be a leader. Leo does not tolerate Scorpio’s proprietary attitude and his jealousy, and Scorpio is eager to get Leo respect and admiration. For both partners it is better to confine yourself to a short communication.

Sexual Compatibility Leo and Sagittarius:

Adventurers by nature, both partners view love as an exciting adventure. Both have a similar sexual temperament, both extroverts and consider sex one of the best types of pastime.

Cosmic Energy Profile

The lion receives from Sagittarius inspiration and a stimulus for action, and Sagittarius in this union is completely devoted to a partner. Communication will give both a lot of joy, and marriage will be lasting and happy.

Sexual Compatibility Leo and Capricorn:

The union of two strong, but strikingly different people from each other. Conservatism and practicality of Capricorn is a deterrent for an extravagant and optimistic Lion. If Capricorn overdo it, the greatness and splendor of the Lion can noticeably turn pale. Capricorn is much less romantic and loving, it annoys the brightness and royal dignity of the Lion. Between partners, communication is possible, but marriage will not be the best solution.

Sexual compatibility of Leo and Aquarius:

Aquarius emphasizes the bright individuality of Leo with his presence and sharpens sexual pleasures. Aquarius’s inclination to critical analysis makes Lev question his own unconditional power, and the sexual unorthodox of his partner is quite annoying. Communication will not last long, it is better not to think about marriage.
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Sexual compatibility of Lion and Pisces:

Between partners there is a magnetic connection, but then problems begin. For the active extraversion of Leo, the nature of the shy introverts of Pisces is absolutely incomprehensible. Pisces have a weaker character and much less ambitious, which is a lot of surprises and worries about Leo. The lion is unable to express the sympathy and participation so necessary for Pisces. The combination of these factors sooner or later leads to a predictable break. Communication will be distinguished by exhausting complex relationships. Marriage is also likely to be unsuccessful.

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