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List Of The Most Dangerous Products For Human Health

Improper nutrition is a direct way to obesity, to heart diseases, to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Harmful products shorten a person’s life.

Fatty foods lead to weight gain. The abundance of food containing a large number of substitutes and colorants, gradually poisons the body, but it also causes addiction.

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List Of The Most Dangerous Products For Human Health

Boiled food dulls the feeling of saturation. Rough plant food stimulates the digestive system. Therefore, make up your daily diet in such a way that it includes as much raw vegetables and fruits as possible.

Harmful products:

1. Chewing sweets, pastilles, “meibons”, “chupa-chups”. They contain a huge amount of sugar, chemical additives, dyes, substitutes and so on.

2. Chips, both corn and potato, are very harmful to the body. Chips are nothing more than a mixture of carbohydrates and fat, in the coating of dyes and taste substitutes. Eating good potatoes is also not good.

3. Sweet carbonated drinks – a mixture of sugar, chemistry and gases – to quickly distribute harmful substances on the body. Coca-Cola, for example, is a wonderful remedy for calcareous scale and rust. Carbonated sweet drinks are harmful and high concentration of sugar – the equivalent of four to five teaspoons, diluted in a glass of water. Therefore, after satisfying your thirst with such a soda, you will drink again after five minutes.

4. Chocolate bars. This is a huge amount of calories in combination with chemical additives, genetically modified foods, dyes and fragrances.

5. Sausages. Meat delicacies remain one of the most harmful products. They contain so-called hidden fats (pork skin, fat, fat), all this is veiled by flavors and substitutes for flavors. Many producers of meat products use transgenes. So sausages by 80% (!) Consist of transgenic soy. Detailed information on transgenes and companies using transgenes can be found on the Greenpeace Russia website.

6. Fatty meat promotes the formation of cholesterol plaques on the vessels, which accelerates the aging of the body and leads to the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.

7. Mayonnaise. Mayonnaise is a very high-calorie product, besides it contains a huge amount of fats and carbohydrates, as well as dyes, sweeteners, substitutes and so on. Among the harmful products is not only mayonnaise, but also ketchup, various sauces and dressings, in a wide range presented on the shelves of our stores. The content of dyes, substitutes for flavors and genetically modified products in them, unfortunately, is not less.

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8. Instant noodles. All this is solid chemistry, which causes undoubted harm to your body.

9. Salt. Salt lowers the pressure, violates the salt-acid balance in the body, promotes the accumulation of toxins. Therefore, if you can not abandon it, then at least try not to use it in large quantities.

10. Alcohol. Brings complex harm to the whole body. Worsens digestion of food. Slowly kills your body.
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