How To Live To 100 Years, Stay Healthy, Full Of Energy

The fashion for healthy food has long and firmly grasped positions among today’s young people, more and more of them remain faithful to veganism and vegetarianism, daily rebuffing the old-fashioned principles of nutrition that have become entrenched over decades, within which meat is an integral part of the diet. Help vegetarians rush scientists from the University of London, radically confirming: to survive to a hundred years can only give up on high-calorie meat.Lean Belly Breakthrough

How To Live To 100 Years And Stay Healthy And Full Of Energy

Earlier, with the same confidence, great minds argued that the century shortens too much for us to eat too much: cut the number of calories consumed by half the norm and prolong life for a couple of decades, but Matthew Piper, with a group of his colleagues from the British university, refuted the colleagues’ statements with a simple experiment .

As part of the study of a meat-free diet, some of the subjects who refused to be present in the diet noted improved health, and the analyzes demonstrated a 30% reduction in the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases in vegetarians.

In spite of the fact that meat itself is poorly digestible, it does not carry particular harm, as such, but the presence of the amino acid methionine in it. In addition to fish and meat, methionine can be found in Brazilian nuts and sesame.

One way to live to 100 years is to completely or partially abandon meat and fish, and replace animal protein with vegetable. Under the ban in particular fall fatty meat (primarily pork) and poultry (ducks, geese). Nutritionists do not recommend completely abandoning dietary chicken / rabbit meat and fish. It is important to observe a balance in the diet and avoid fatty protein foods of animal origin.

And in addition to proper nutrition to support your body in a tonus will help a full sleep and normalized exercise. On the rejection of bad habits is not even worth mentioning, it’s so clear!

What can not be eaten for breakfast?

Many of us did not even suspect that some of those foods that we tend to eat for breakfast every day, or that are indicated in the diet, are simply contraindicated as a first meal. Each of them will be discussed in more detail below.


Yogurt, like other sour-milk products that contain living bacterial cultures, dieticians do not recommend eating on an empty stomach. The reason for this – aggressive gastric juice, which, in the truest sense of the word, will kill the whole benefit of the product. The ideal time for a glass of yogurt will be a period of a couple of hours after a meal.The 3 Week Diet


Bananas – a hearty and incredibly nutritious snack, which can serve a good service, being consumed at any time of the day except for breakfast. Even weakened after a long rest the body reluctantly perceives a sharp rise in the magnesium level, which, in the end, can lead to heart problems.


Continuing the theme of fruit, we can not fail to mention oranges, as well as other citrus fruits and frashi from them, which dieticians recommend to use for breakfast from fashion magazines. In fact, citrus fruits are too rich in the acid contained in them, which adversely affects the stomach. Heartburn will be assured.


Persimmon is able to “astringe” not only the mouth, but also the digestive organs due to the excess of tannic acid and pectin. Imagine how the mucous flesh of the fetus, under the influence of gastric juice, is converted into a gel-like substance that is difficult to digest, and in people suffering from problems with the pancreas and stomach, can lead to the formation of a gastric stone.
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Cold drinks

Agrees, in the summer heat and pulls to start your day with cool tea or acidified water with ice, but after a dream your body, the normal temperature of which, as a rule, does not go beyond 36.8, will perceive the ice liquid as an irritant. As a result, a glass of cool water will negatively affect the health of the throat and stomach.


If you regularly eat breakfast with potatoes, you could surely replace the changes not only with respect to the figure, but also your own well-being. In addition, that starchy tubers contribute to the accumulation of extra kilos, they also stimulate the production of gastric juice. After breakfast with potatoes, soon again you want to eat.
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Chocolate is also poorly digested in the morning, irritates the mucous membrane of the digestive tract and stimulates the production of gastric juice, causing nausea and heartburn. So about a cup of coffee with candy will have to dream until lunch.

Sports nutrition

To create an ideal figure it is not enough just to adhere to proper nutrition, regular sports are also mandatory, and in order for them to be more productive, one should adhere to some simple rules of nutrition that will accelerate the achievement of the set goals.

If you pay attention to aerobic workloads for burning fat during exercise, sports nutrition before training is not an urgent need, because during the lesson, instead of excess fat mass, your lunch will be burned.
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In the event that you tone muscle, enrich your sports diet before training with foods that combine protein and carbohydrates, which helps maintain energy. Ideal snack before training in this case can be a whole grain bread or banana with peanut butter, a purchased or home-made protein bar (the recipe we’ll share later), or low-fat yogurt with berries and fruits.

Those who are fighting for a tight body, need a snack within the first hour after training in the gym. The growth of muscle mass is promoted by boiled chicken, oatmeal or cottage cheese with fruits and berries, as well as freshly squeezed juices.

Before, during and after training, it is necessary to monitor the amount of liquid drunk. For a couple of hours before training, you should drink up to half a liter of liquid, and during the session it is advisable to take a breath of pure non-carbonated water every 15 minutes, or just rinse your mouth.

More fluid to drink is not recommended: first, it will cause great discomfort, and secondly, the load on the heart will increase. After classes, you should quickly restore the body’s hydrobalance by drinking at least a glass of water (not cold!). Also, doctors do not recommend replacing water with other drinks, especially energy drinks.

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