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Live And Dead Food – Which Products Are Better For Health

None of us imagine our life without food. But is it often so often that we think about what kind of food is meant for man by nature and what do we get from these or other products. Why is one food called live food, and the other is dead.

Live And Dead Food – How To Find Out Which Of The Products Suits You

It seems that everyone knows that the cause of illness and poor health is often malnutrition. Only usually it all comes down to the fact that this or that is harmful. Now there are many different diets and rules for proper nutrition. However, everything is much simpler. There are principles of nutrition, which are created by nature itself.
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We all care about external beauty, but almost do not think about the internal. But after all, we just accumulate a mountain of garbage inside us. Our excretory systems simply can not cope with the fact that to rid the body of unnecessary junk, and begin to shove all this garbage into our internal organs. The body looks like a neglected plumbing that has never been cleaned. Hence, obesity, illness, and, consequently, poor health.
Products related to live food.

This food gives us the very nature. Those foods that are natural for human nutrition.

They unequivocally refer to:

  • vegetables and fruits
  • Fresh greens
  • not fried seeds and nuts
  • sprouts of cereals and legumes
  • dried fruit, dried at a temperature of not more than 42 degrees
  • cereals.

Live food does not undergo chemical treatment. It does not contain additives that cause food dependence. That is, all the useful and necessary substances in it are preserved and it gives us strength and energy, saturating us with all the useful substances and energy of the sun. Such food is easily assimilated by our body, without accumulating in the organs slags and toxins. diet can be much more varied without compromising your health.

Products Related to Dead Food

All food that is created artificially is dead food. Unnatural, chemical food, created by man, is the cause of most diseases.

Definitely to dead food are:

  • semi-finished products from meat, as well as meat of animals that grew up in agonizing conditions
  • food products containing GMOs
  • food containing E supplements
  • energetic drinks
  • products obtained by chemical means

And, just like in the case of live food, this list can be expanded. For example, many people should stop using yeast bread and other bakery products containing yeast, some adults do not absorb milk well, and if the products with gluten are not well tolerated, they will have to give up wheat, rye, and oats. Find out which products should be added to the expanded list of dead food for you, only you can. And again, the only way to do this is to observe and listen to your body after each meal.
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If after using the product you discover one or more of the following symptoms:

  • fatigue
  • desire to sleep
  • there is heartburn, a feeling of overeating, bloating, a headache
  • Twenty to thirty minutes after a meal you feel bad
  • anxiety
  • there is a smell from the mouth or from the body
  • fungus appears inside or outside
  • there is pain in the kidney area

then, this is a clear sign that the product does not suit you.

Just write down the products that make you sick and exclude them from your diet.
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In the 17th century, the chemist Helmont who studied digestion found out that the food we eat does not split in the body without substances, which he called enzymes (in Latin means fermentation) or, as now, enzymes say.
With the help of enzymes all metabolic processes take place in the body. These processes can be divided into 2 types:
Anabolism (the process of creating new tissues)
Catabolism (a process in which more complex substances break up into more simple compounds).
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Since birth, a person has a certain amount of enzymes. This stock of enzymes is designed for life.
With the use of dead food-deprived enzymes, the body must take these enzymes to digest products from its reserves. This leads to a decrease in their stock in the body. And with the use of live food, the products are split independently, while preserving our enzymes.

It can be compared with the starting capital. If this capital is spent and not replenished, then “bankruptcy” may occur. Bad food consumes this bank very quickly, and then health problems begin. When the moment comes when the enzymes are no longer reproduced, life ends.



From the food we eat, we get the energy that we need for normal life. Why often there is a feeling when you understand: there is no strength for anything. There is irritation and weakness. The fact is that the human energy body reacts very finely to the slagging of the organism. Energy flows are reduced, which leads to loss of vitality. There is a feeling of “squeezed out like a lemon” The answer is obvious: there is not enough energy. And it happens because of wrong nutrition. Why does one food give us energy, and the other one selects on the contrary?

It’s simple, plants receive solar energy, that’s why fruits, vegetables and cereals give us strength. Solar energy is transmitted along with live food. The organism does not have to spend much energy and energy on digesting dead food and we preserve our energy potential without wasting it for the digestion of dead, poorly digestible products.

Considering the fact that chemically produced food and drinks, including GMO and E-supplements, appeared quite recently, and the human digestive tract was formed for millions of years, we can conclude: The living organism must live on live food.

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