Fighting overweight is an international problem

Lose Weight Now! Quickly and Easily!

Fighting overweight is an international problem. But how easy and safe to lose weight, if low-calorie diets deplete the body, and at such an intense pace of life is extremely difficult to withstand the additional burden, besides observe by the hour at work all the rules prescribed by the diet, is not always obtained.

You can lose weight easily and quickly if you follow several rules. With all this, you will not need to follow any diet and even force yourself to play sports.

Do not drink alcohol. First, it is harmful to both health and mental state. Secondly, alcoholic beverages are quite high in calories. And thirdly, the reception of alcohol provokes an appetite. With frequent use of beer in men and women, a “beer tummy” grows, from which it can be difficult to get rid of.

Make a schedule for meals and eat only at certain times. Dietitians recommended five meals a day, between meals approximately 2.5-3 hours. Thus, a person is unlikely to experience hunger. If this happens, you can “snack” a glass of water, a low-calorie dairy or sour-milk drink. But only no sweets! Firstly, they will satiate you very briefly, secondly, it is they, easily assimilated carbohydrates, the main cause of excess weight in a healthy person. Anyone who is looking for a way to lose weight easily must learn to give up sweets. Change cakes and buns can be bread, and dried fruits and honey will replace sweets.

For one meal, you can eat no more than 200 grams of food to prevent overeating. And always remember that getting up from the table is better slightly hungry, since the signal from the stomach about saturation reaches the brain not for 1 minute, because we can easily overeat and even do not notice it.

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Write down everything you eat for a week. This will help lose weight. Studies have shown that people who keep diaries of what they eat, consume fifteen percent less food than those who do not. Particular attention should be paid to the weekend. Scientists at the University of North Carolina conducted research and found that on Saturday and Sunday, people consume an additional 115 calories, primarily derived from alcohol and fats. Next on the list are spreads, sauces, sauces, seasonings, drinks, snacks and bars. The prevalence in consumption during this period is much higher than in the loss.

Another great way to lose weight is easy! Find 100 reasons for laughter per day, and you do not have to “torture” yourself with a 10-minute bike. The expenditure of calories in both cases will be the same.
Laughter is a kind of “inner aerobics.” When a person laughs, laughs, laughs, the level of stress decreases by 35%, the metabolism is accelerated by 20%, the blood is enriched with oxygen, the muscles of the press (feel?) Are strained as if doing exercises, superfluous calories burn faster.This information we were pleased with the specialists of the American Medical Center Vanderbilt University.On their optimistic calculations, laughing, you can get rid of 2 kg of fat per year.

Want to eat? No, I’m thirsty! Water is the main part of a person’s diet, it is easy to lose weight if you drink plenty of water on an empty stomach! The fact is that feelings of hunger and thirst are very similar, and if we want to drink we often rush to the refrigerator. Instead, drink a glass of water or tea. If after 10 minutes hunger is left, you can eat. And the water, drunk before this, will only benefit.

Harmful products – out of the house Want to lose weight simply? Forget about the department with cakes, fat cakes, soda, chips, etc. But do not limit yourself to sweet! Dried fruits, a variety of nuts, fruit salads, dietary cookies and even natural ice cream without filler – the choice of desserts is quite large!

Change the situation, try to exclude stressful situations. After all, a measured way of life, monotony and stress make us eat more. If you do not have the opportunity to leave, you can find yourself an interesting hobby that will distract you from eating. It can be knitting, embroidery, beading, origami, etc.

In order to lose weight easily, we must choose the right moment, chronobiologists insist. Scientists have made a schedule for harmony.

In winter, the metabolism “lags behind”, nutrients are readily stored in reserve. When the temperature outside the window begins to grow, metabolism, subject to seasonal fluctuations, will go faster, getting rid of excess weight will be easier. And now it is wiser to choose a soft diet with a monthly minus weight of not more than 2 kg. This will help “get” the body to lose weight. It takes him 90 days to get into a new rhythm, change food cravings. Just by spring, the problem of choosing between a fresh radish and a fat sweet donut will be solved by you: a low-calorie vegetable will really taste better. Cold showers.

On the eve of the birthday, on the holiday itself and immediately after it, biological rhythms, and with them life forces and energy are in decline. Strict food restrictions the body does not like. It is better to refresh yourself with a piece of birthday cake, and on a diet you will sit in the day after 2.

Check with the natural tuning fork for the day. At 7, 13 and 18 hours the body is ready for active digestion, the calories burned quickly. At 17 o’clock strength of muscles grows on 30% in comparison with morning indicators. On the treadmill or in the pool, you leave a maximum of excess.

Learn how to cook low-calorie delicious meals. For some reason, many housewives believe that the fatter, the more delicious. This is not true. Even vegetarian dishes can be very appetizing and tasty.

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An important psychological moment is small-sized dishes. You should see a full plate, you do not have to preform the installation of the fact that there is little food, that you quickly become hungry. Agree that the same 200 grams of salad look “bulkier” in a small plate than in a large dish.

That’s how easy and fast to lose weight at home. We need only a little bit of willpower and focus on the result. Losing weight will not be extremely fast. Do not think that in a day you will have to leave for 1 kilogram. But this is good, because overly active weight loss can lead to disruption of menstrual function in women – and this is the easiest “side effect” of thinness. But after achieving the desired result, you will not gain weight, if you continue to observe the principles of healthy eating, and count up to grams the weight of the foods you eat, the dishes and their calorie content will no longer have to. This is the most effective and easy way to lose weight for prudent women.

Movement is the guarantee of health. We move very little in modern life! A couple of workouts per week only partially solve the problem, but you need to move every day! You will start to lose weight, if you do not miss a chance to move: walk on the stairs, walk more, play with animals and children, go to museums, take all your time, spend it with benefit – this secret of losing weight is much more useful than dull and mandatory training in a stuffy gym!