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How To Make Yourself Lose Weight. Simple rules

At first glance, the answer to the question of how one can lose weight looks simple enough, because everyone can build for themselves a certain program of actions, which, step by step, he can approach to his goal. The problem is quite different: between the knowledge of how to achieve the goal and the achievement of the goal itself lies a huge chasm, the overcoming of which for many people is an extremely difficult test. New Natural Beauty Product - Lose Weight

How To Make Yourself Lose Weight.

In order to achieve success at home, it is necessary not only to make a plan, but also to start do it! Many of those who were able to create a training program and a diet began to implement it, however, this happens in them without inspiration, languidly.

They force themselves, for a while, to go in for sports, exercise, but after a few lessons they give up and the idea of ​​bringing their bodies in order is beginning to be considered something of a utopia. They begin to find a mass of all sorts of reasons and excuses to skip the occupation, first one, then another, the third. They stop eating. And like there is a desire, and efforts they make, so why are their actions doomed to failure? How to make yourself lose weight? Apparently one desire is not enough for this.

In order to get rid of excess weight you need to stop thinking about it all the time. Such thoughts become a source of constant stress, which entails a number of other problems.

If you continue to worry about how bad you look, you will not be able to follow the weight correction plan that you have developed, which means stop nervous, relax and reconcile yourself with your shortcomings. This point is perhaps the most important in achieving any goal you set. The logic is simple. Change yourself at the moment you can not, therefore, worry and think about it is meaningless. It is better to direct your thoughts to the future, which you can actually influence.

The second important step is setting the right goal, which will not cause you to doubt its reality. Do not tune yourself to the fact that in just a month you can lose at least ten extra pounds. Most likely your result will be only two kilograms. So your goal should be exactly these two kilograms, especially this weight is recommended for the given period without any harm to health specialists.

The next stage in the question of how to force yourself to lose weight, is to concentrate your consciousness on the final result. For example, if you want to get rid of several kilograms, dream about how you will look after when the desired result is achieved, what feelings you will experience.
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For many who lose weight, the real problem is that they overload their minds with thoughts about what they need to do to achieve a result, what sacrifices they will have to make for this. The peculiarity of our consciousness is that it puts one such thought on another and, as a result, it begins to seem to you that everything that you thought about, you need to do simultaneously.

This may seem like an impossible task for you and push away from the idea of ​​losing weight. Therefore, at this stage, your task is to live and think only in the present tense and not even try to think about what you have to do in a week, a month, a year …

In order for your thoughts to begin to give at least some fruits, you must start implementing the next step, namely, to start active action. Each slimming person has his own plan of how to achieve the goal, but all such plans, however different they may seem, unites one common property: all people trying to follow their plan, unduly concentrate on how difficult it is to perform it. However, if you just change your point of view and start thinking about the desired result in a positive way, your path to the goal will become much easier.

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How to stop eating too much?

All people need food to maintain their vital functions. Moreover, we dedicate this process to about eighth of all our time. At the same time, people often do not eat because they need to give their body “fuel” for further work and restore its strength, but simply because of the desire to eat something tasty. At these moments, most people believe that their actions are caused by a feeling of hunger. In fact, this is not so. How to learn to determine what is really hiding under the sudden raging appetite? How to avoid this and how to stop eating too much?

Scientists from all over the world report that the number of people who have a problem of obesity is getting bigger every day. Of course, obesity can be caused by a variety of reasons, but in the vast majority of cases everything comes down to banal overeating.
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Instead of eating only when the body really needs it, a person takes food at any time, using any plausible pretext for this: tempted by the aroma of baking, ate a chocolate bar because of depression, tried to take off a glass of ice cream, etc . Women in this regard are more inventive. To all other arguments they add their heartfelt experiences and even PMS, which, in the most extreme cases, can last without stopping.

Thus, the solution to the problem of how to stop a lot is simply to accustom yourself to eating only when it really is necessary, and not when some delicacy enters your field of vision. It is also very important to learn to eat just as much as your body needs for normal work, and not “with a margin”. In order to once and for all to finish with your problem, you will need a will of will, as well as several rules that must be strictly observed.

Rule number 1.

Take the food with ordinary water. It will help fill the entire volume of the stomach faster, so you will feel full sooner.
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Rule number 2.

Dishes in your menu should be nutritious and useful. At the same time, avoid foods rich in carbohydrates and fats and completely eliminate fast food from your diet. A plate of oatmeal, containing a huge amount of protein and fiber, is much more useful than french fries, and the time during which you will not experience hunger is much longer.

Rule number 3.

Once you begin to feel that you are full, stop eating. There is nothing to worry about that you have more than half of what you have poured into your plate. Remember that your health is much more important and more expensive.

Rule number 4.

Do not start eating during bouts of boredom. If you suddenly start to feel that you are getting bored – do not sit in front of the TV with a bucket of ice cream, but rather go somewhere to walk. This will help you get rid of the false sense of hunger.

Rule number 5.

This rule is the same as the previous one, but it does not concern boredom, but nervous experiences and stresses. You must realize that with food, even the most delicious, you can not solve any problems. Instead, learn to deal with stress through exercise, yoga, auto-training.

Rule number 6.

Protect yourself from temptations. Put in your refrigerator is not something that is delicious, but what is useful. Another method of protecting against temptations is to not go to stores and supermarkets in a hungry state.

Rule number 7.

Your meals should become more frequent, but at the same time the portions should become smaller. This will allow your endocrine system to work most effectively.

Rule number 8.

Accustom yourself to portions of small size and serve them on small plates. This will help you to deceive your own brain, which will think that it was given the same portion as before.

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Rule number 9.

Keep track of how much you ate. This will help you to adequately assess the amount of food you eat and see your own mistakes.

Just follow the set of these rules, and very soon you will be able to make sure of their effectiveness.
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Many people know that diet is one of the most important aspects in the correction of the figure. Almost all nutritionists say that it is very important for a normal life to eat breakfast. This allows us to start the digestive system and activate metabolic processes. The same in importance is the lunch, which should also be nutritious and nutritious. At the same time, nutritionists also unanimously say that supper should not overload the digestive system. The maximum that you can afford before going to bed – a portion of yogurt or a few fruits, or even better – from supper to refuse at all. Believe me, there will be no damage to the body from this.

How to eat properly

We will try to formulate some tips on the proper intake of food for those who want to learn how to become slim:

  • Do not rush when eating.
  • Take a small bowl and a spoon. This technique will help create the illusion that a serving in your plate will look much larger.
  • Get a habit of drinking a glass of water for half an hour before the expected meal. This trick will allow you to feel satiated eating even a very small portion.

That’s all! I wish you to be the most slender and beautiful girl!

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