How to do maintenance and how to mount or install latches and locks

How to maintain and mount latches locks

How to do maintenance and how to mount or install latches and locks

Learn how to maintain and install the various types of latches and locks. There are four basic types of locks and latches for standard and movable doors, each with a wide variety of models. Locks and latches for sewing or locking. They are normally used in interior and exterior doors, embedded in the thickness of the door.

Locks and latches to nail to face

How to maintain and mount latches locksThey are applied on the inside face of the door, not embedded.
Locks and carving latches.

They are often used on interior doors of rooms and furniture doors. It is an intermediate type of assembly between locking and nailing locks on the face.

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It is necessary to open a notch to insert the lock. Locks and cylindrical latches. They are used in interior doors. They are robust and very practical operation. They only need two holes to be installed.

Hardware for doors and windows

Door and window fittings, such as locks, latches and some hinges, are classified according to the direction in which doors close: left (clockwise) or right (clockwise) counterclockwise). Some manufacturers use the letter E to indicate
How to do maintenance and how to mount or install latches and locks


Lubricate the locks at least twice a year with powdered graphite or fine oil. Apply the oil to the bolt and, through the keyhole, also insert it into the inner mechanism. For exterior door locks, scatter the powdered graphite or wipe the key with a pencil lead, inserting it and pulling it several times into the lock.
To unlock a lock, it is usually enough to lubricate it and turn the knob vigorously.

Locking locks and latches

How to do maintenance and how to mount or install latches and locks
The interior doors generally have latches that allow them to be closed without having to turn the key.
On the outer doors (doors of the street or stairway) solid locks with latch, usually embedded in the thickness of the door, must be used. They usually have a number of gaps – up to six – that are driven by a complex key and an inversion mechanism.

Repair and replacement of Locks

To remove an immovable lock, start with the knob, or inner knob, which is usually secured by a retaining spring or small screw. Some doors have doorknobs mounted on the mirrors themselves. In this case, remove the gusset with the handle and its square crossbar.
Remove the thumbscrews from the forehead and then the lock of your carton on the door. If the latch or locking tab is jammed, open the lock by removing the side cover; once the bolts are removed, you can carefully unscrew the mechanism with a screwdriver.

Check for broken springs, worn parts, accumulation of lubricant or dust, or other deficiencies. Clean the lock with petroleum or gasoline, gently lubricate the moving parts and reassemble.

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