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How To Make A Body Scrub At Home

For home scrub to be effective, you need to prepare it before the procedure.
For a base you can use: sour cream, cream, milk, yogurt, honey, vegetable oils.
As solid particles you can take: salt, shredded nuts, sugar, coffee, bran, fruit bones, cinnamon.
To give a special mood, to plunge into the magical world of aromatherapy, it is enough to add a drop of essential oil or a favorite perfume.
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Since when peeling the skin becomes very sensible, it is important not to infect the skin.
Use only clean dishes to mix the ingredients, it is better to rinse it with boiling water.
The process of preparing a home scrub greatly facilitates the blender. Thanks to this kitchen technique the consistency is more homogeneous.

If you use coffee to make a scrub, then it’s better to take a natural fine or medium grind to avoid scratching your skin. Do not use instant coffee, it is ineffective.

Any scrub should be checked for individual intolerance, especially if you added essential oils to it. Apply a little mass on your arm and check the skin reaction.

How to apply scrub to the body

To achieve maximum effect, you need to know the basic rules for applying body scrub. Before you start the cosmetic procedure, make sure that the skin is ready for it. It is important to properly steam out the body by taking a hot shower or visiting the sauna. These actions will help to open the pores. Before applying the scrub to the body, you can make a massage to improve blood circulation.

Any scrub is applied to the skin in gloves in circular motions. This method of application helps in the fight against cellulite. The cleanser is left on the body for six to twelve minutes. After that, take a shower and rinse off the scrub. Do not forget to apply any moisturizing cream. After peeling, the skin is more than ever receptive to therapeutic lotions.

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The regularity of using scrub depends on the type of skin. Once a week, peeling is done for normal skin type.
Dry skin: it is better to clear once in 13 days, Oily skin – every 5 days.
Using scrub regularly, you will achieve the following results: the skin will become smooth and silky, the color will improve, the skin will begin to “breathe”, cellulite will disappear, the skin will soften and become younger, the body will have a pleasant aroma of essential oils.

The result can be noticed immediately after the first procedure, but it will take longer to struggle with excess deposits in problem zones, about two or three months.
Caring for your body not only helps to cope with skin imperfections, but also creates an excellent mood for the whole day.

Skin peeling is one of the most useful and available procedures at any time of the year.
Cells of the epidermis die every four weeks, which is why it is so important to remove and renew the skin in time.

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