Creating the vertical garden

Make Your Vertical Garden Spending Little

Make Your Vertical Garden Spending Little

Doing a vertical garden nowadays is not something to be scared of or restricted to people with high purchasing power. In order to build a garden of this type, it is essential to have creativity, especially when you want to spend little.

Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden

Patience will also come in between the essential things to have a cheap and handsome vertical garden. With it you will take good care of the garden until you start to develop in a healthy way.

Vertical gardens are being increasingly sought after, regardless of the social position of the person who wants them. It is possible to make a vertical garden by spending very little, we just know how to assemble and reuse the correct materials.

Often, we have a tremendous desire to do something, but when we stop to account for the materials and labor costs of the construction (if necessary), we end up giving up, barely knowing that there is a simpler and cheaper way of creating a vertical garden.

We prepared this article to help you make a vertical garden economically, without weighing too much in your pocket, with simple and affordable materials.

Check out our tips and create your garden vertically, you will only benefit.

Creating the Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden

It is worth mentioning that the best way to save money when making a vertical garden is to use simplicity with creativity, which forms a perfect synchrony.

One of the best ways to save money on creating your vertical garden is by using pet bottles to make the garden panel structure. With this type of resource you save a lot, as you will not need pots to grow plants, you will grow your garden plants directly in the pet bottles.

You can attach them to the wall, but the best way is to secure the bottles in metal chains attached to the ceiling, it will be safer in this way.

Another way to make a vertical garden cheap is by using bamboo as the panel structure where the plants will be suspended. It should be used with half moon pots or coconut fiber vases to give a better visual effect. Bamboo is an inexpensive, affordable and sturdy material.

What many people do not know is that the metal screens used in concrete slabs (POP meshes) are great and simple solutions for building a vertical garden. Several overlapping and painted canvases of different colors give a very beautiful and unusual visual effect. This type of construction is best with coconut fiber vases, for its easy maintenance and more natural effect than others.

If we take into consideration versatility and economy, pallets and / or wooden boxes can be reused to make a vertical garden. If placed in walls cast or trapped by structures resistant to weight will be very cool.

Shelves with various types of vases are also welcome. You can make use of glass jars, bottles, bowls and other objects, all in a personalized way on the shelves. I guarantee that the result will satisfy you and that your vertical gardens will look beautiful.

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