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In The Midst Of Stress, Learn To Relax

Stress does no good for anyone. Health can be really compromised if you do not control the stress level of your mind. Amid the traffic chaos, as you run to work, commitments to children, home, you feel that your stress level has reached the limit. But there are ways to create real havens for your life by using a few “tricks” that keep your body and mind in balance. After all, sound mind, body sane.

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Listen to music

Music balances the neurotransmitters responsible for tranquility, pleasure and calm. This is proven scientifically. The sound of a song reaches the part of the brain that functions as a rational filter and directly reaches the area of ​​the brain corresponding to the emotion. Classical music, for example, is tranquilizer, lowers heart rate and controls anxiety. At the first sign of stress, turn up the volume and relax. You will see the improvement quickly!

Chinese balls

The Chinese balls pressed with the hand combat the tension. Chinese balls have a strong therapeutic power, made of iron, hollow and with a stew inside, responsible for a smooth sound that comes with the movement. The correct thing is to put the balls in one hand and turn, one around the other. The result of this maneuver is the improvement in blood circulation and well being for the central nervous system, with reduction of anxiety and fatigue.

Head massage

Have you ever seen a funny object that is made up of flexible steel rods attached to a wooden base? Try to pass this object on your head, it’s a great sensation, make gentle movements up and down. At the tips of the stems, there are polka dots made of soft material that work as a care in your hair. The device manages to relax the fascia, which is a membrane that covers the entire bone structure and muscles of the head. With day-to-day tension, this membrane becomes hard and loses mobility.

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Bamboo for feet

By sustaining the body, the feet always suffer from stress, they show signs of tiredness and tension. To relax, place a piece of bamboo under your feet, lean on a chair, and step slowly with one foot at a time, rolling the bamboo back and forth, force your toes toward the floor. The piece of bamboo should be a handful long.

Floral Essence

In 1930, the English physician Edward Bach discovered the power of flowers as a therapeutic treatment to take care of the emotions. There are 38 flower essences, which can be purchased at the pharmacy or through a specialist’s recommendation, to better identify the emotional symptoms and prescribe the correct flowers for the treatment.

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