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Milk Chocolate Jelly Recipe, Super Easy

Milk Chocolate Jelly Recipe, Super Easy

In my family everyone loves different desserts, and in particular jelly. I often experiment and try jelly with different tastes.
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Today I propose a recipe for milk chocolate jelly. This simple but very tasty dessert will decorate both the weekday and the holiday. Try to make this jelly, I’m sure you will like it.

For the preparation of milk chocolate jelly we will need:

2 tablespoon cocoa;
300 ml of milk;
10 g of gelatin;
3 tablespoon sugar;
1 packet of vanilla sugar.

For decoration:

fresh fruits;
syrup or berries.

Prepare the products for dessert.

1. In 100 ml of milk add gelatin and leave for 15 minutes for swelling. In the remaining 200 ml of milk add cocoa, sugar, vanilla sugar, mix thoroughly.

milk cocoa sugar

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Hot chocolate with cocoa beans

Hot chocolate with cocoa beans

2. Put the gelatin on the fire and warm well until the gelatin is completely dissolved (do not boil!). Then remove the gelatin from the heat, add the milk chocolate mixture and mix well.

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3. Milk chocolate jelly is poured over glasses or plates and placed until completely solidified in the refrigerator.

Milk Chocolate Jelly

Milk Chocolate Jelly

Decorate this simple, but delicious desserts can be to your liking.

Bon Appetit!
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